How to Make STEM Work in the Middle Level
Presenter: Matt Vance, David Paperno

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Join AMLE, Matt Vance and David Paperno as we examine what we need to do to create an effective and engaging STEM program in our middle schools. Get the ingredients you need in this webinar to make your own STEM recipe! Follow Matt on Twitter at @leadrtweetr.

Matt Vance
Matt is a veteran school administrator with a proven ability to reform school practices and improve quality of instruction as evidenced by student learning outcomes. He is a servant leader with a thorough record of community involvement. Collaboration, innovation, and transparency are cornerstones to his leadership within an organization. STEM has been a focus and passion of Matt’s throughout his experience in education, most recently developing a STEM leadership academy for like minded middle grades students. He has conducted multiple National, State, and local professional development presentations on STEM topics. Matt has also been trained in and led teachers in the implementation of inquiry based learning, service learning, and other forms of problem and project based learning.
David Paperno
David Paperno is currently an 8th grade physical science teacher at Holcomb Bridge Middle School after previously having taught in Athens, Georgia and Bangkok, Thailand. He is currently earning a doctorate from The University of Georgia and is currently researching ways to increase STEM relevancy to students at all levels of interest as well as all backgrounds.
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