Bust the Boredom: Engaging Students Even if You Aren't "Creative"
Presenter: Katie Powell

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Regardless of our own various teaching styles, we all aim to engage students in meaningful learning. But active learning can be scary—What if I'm not "creative"? What kind of time will it take to prepare? What happens if students get out of hand? Can I handle it? Worksheet Busters are easy, effective activity frameworks that transform ordinary worksheets into engaging, meaningful learning experiences. Learn several of these easy-to-replicate activities and how to design your own Worksheet Busters to engage students within your own teaching style and content.

Katie Powell
Sixth grade teacher Katie Powell began teaching in 2005 in special education and Title 1, developing strategies that leverage curiosity and fun to engage students while driving learning deeper. She has fine-tuned these strategies to be deployable in any setting without sacrificing teachers' already limited time or money. Katie believes in respecting the expertise of teachers and shares ideas they can utilize within their own teaching styles. Let's reclaim the wonder of learning! Follow Katie on Twitter @Beyond_the_Desk
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