Facilitating Positive Relationships in Your Middle Level Classroom
Presenter: Nancy Doda, Ph.D. and Mark Springer

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Join AMLE, Dr. Nancy Doda, and Mark Springer as we take a look at the best ways to create and facilitate positive relationships with students in our classrooms and school houses in the middle level. It's true that students won't care to learn unless they first learn that you care, so check out this webinar and get great, practical help to increase relationships and achievement!

Nancy Doda is an internationally renowned speaker, workshop leader, and author. Regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on middle grades education, she has devoted much of her career to improving middle grades education. Recipient of AMLE's most prestigious award, the John H. Lounsbury award, Nancy has supported thousands of middle grades educators in their efforts to improve learning for young adolescents. She has a broad range of expertise from school organization and climate, to curriculum and instruction. She is best known for customizing professional development.

For 35 years Mr. Springer developed and taught interdisciplinary humanities at Radnor Middle School in Wayne, Pennsylvania. He co-directed the school's gifted program for size years before co-creating the award-winning Watershed Program. In 1998, Mr. Springer pushed his student-centered philosophy even further by creating the Soundings Program, an integrative and democratic curriculum for eighth graders.
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