Promoting Resiliency and Helping Families Thrive During and After COVID-19
Presenter: Pat Colleluori and Lisa Koenecke

With the COVID-19 crisis, many students will continue to shelter at home and experience the loss of end-of-the-year instruction, sports, after-school activities, and contact with friends. What can educators do to promote resiliency in students and their families? Pat Colleluori, with his background in coaching families through the unexpected, and Lisa Koenecke, an adjunct instructor with a wealth of experience as a school counselor, offer insights and ideas on leveraging what we know about our students to foster family and school community well-being during this challenging time. They’ll also talk more about the #Family1st campaign and how students can engage their families in support of a great cause.

PAMLE This webinar was offered in partnership with the Pennsylvania Association for Middle Level Education to provide participants with Act 48 continuing professional education credit. To obtain credit, please complete the post-assessment after viewing the recording.

Over the past 13 years, Pat Colleluori has been selflessly committed to serving the needs of families overcome by cancer. As a charter member of the HEADstrong Foundation and the eldest brother of the late Nicholas “HEAD” Colleluori (HEADstrong Founder), he is devoted to carrying forward the legacy of his lost sibling through the organization's service mission. As one of HEADstrong’s original employees, Pat has played an intricate role in framing every aspect of the non-profit organization. In his tenure with the organization, Pat has led all aspects of marketing, sourcing, branding, strategic planning, campaign development, event management and community outreach. Currently, Pat serves in the capacity of Chief Development Officer and leads sponsorships, partnerships, donor relations and campaign development. Pat is a public representative and a spokesperson for the organization along with his mother Cheryl, who serves as President of the organization. Described as passionate, public-spirited, empathetic and nurturing, Pat has always taken a personal approach to helping those in need by sharing his experience as a caregiver and family member to someone terminally diagnosed with cancer. He publically advocates on behalf of families across the country facing issues of affordability and accessibility relating to their cancer fight. Pat spends hours consulting directly with patients, families, healthcare professionals, educators, coaches and administrators on effectively navigating obstacles and unplanned personal health challenges. Selflessly, Pat and his family stand as a beacon of hope, helping others to triumph in the wake of tragedy and adversity.
After 12 years as a middle school counselor, Lisa Koenecke is now an adjunct instructor at Lakeland University training the next generation of school counselors. With a demonstrated history of working in secondary education and a passion toward community and social services, she is an expert in counseling, crisis intervention, education leadership, and program development. Lisa is an experienced and energetic Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion professional speakers and facilitator, specializing in counteracting unconscious bias and LGBTQ+ inclusion. Her impact is amplified through strengthening each person’s allyship.