Growth Mindset in the Middle School Classroom: Lessons for Teachers
Presenter: Rachel Kamb, Tammy Fisher, Kate Tovias

Webinar slides

Most educators know a growth mindset helps students persevere and respond well to academic challenges. But what about the mindsets of teachers? With the active adoption of growth mindset strategies, teachers can transform their student relationships and their ability to grow as educators. This engaging webinar, drawing from experiential activities and interactive training materials embedded in the Second Step Middle School Program, aims to flip the growth mindset emphasis from student to teacher. Learn how teachers' mindsets, both their beliefs about student capability and about their own efficacy, positively affect classroom and school climate and increase student success. Participants will actively explore how mindsets operate and gain new mindsets and matching strategies/interventions to build relationships with all students—even their most challenged learners. Wit and wisdom promised.

Rachel Kamb
As a principal creator and product manager of the recently released, all-new edition of the Second Step Middle School Social-Emotional Learning Program, Rachel worked with researchers, behavioral scientists, and hundreds of teachers and students during three years of field testing and piloting of the new program to ensure its lessons were engaging and relevant to students and embraced by teachers. She has presented at the Association for Middle Level Educators and other national and international educator conferences about research and lessons from the field.
Tammy Fisher
An educator for over 33 years and author of two books on the Nurtured Heart Approach, Tammy trains schools across the country and speaks nationally to educators and parents on implementing the Nurtured Heart Approach, running a mediation program, and supporting students with learning and social challenges. She has spoken at several national and state anti-bullying conferences, the Washington and Oregon annual school counselor conferences, Nurtured Heart Global Summit conferences, and the International Middle School Association Conference (AMLE). Tammy is an MEd and PhD candidate examining the impact of educator mindsets on teacher-student relationships.
Kate Tovias
As territory manager for Committee for Children, Kate spends much of her time at schools and districts across the country, helping them bring the benefits of social-emotional learning, bullying prevention, and child sexual abuse prevention programs to their students.

Committee for Children and the Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Program
Committee for Children is a global nonprofit dedicated to fostering the safety and well-being of children through social-emotional learning and development. More than 13 million children benefit from its award-winning Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Program each year. Grounded in extensive research, the program teaches students from preschool through grade 8 skills and mindsets to excel in school and in life; it gives teachers tools to create a healthy learning environment; and as a universal, classroom-based curriculum, it helps schools and districts in their drive to deliver positive outcomes for schools and districts. Learn more at SecondStep.org.