Teaming for Common Core Literacy with NCLE
Presenter: National Center for Literacy Education

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Join AMLE and the National Center for Literacy Education as we take a closer look at the importance of teaming and how it can make literacy flourish and grow in the middle level. Get help to make your classroom, grade level team and school grow to support literacy learning for every student!

Lara Hebert is a middle level educator at heart, having taught math, science, and language arts to this age group for thirteen years. Lara is a graduate of the University of Illinois, with bachelor's and master’s degrees in Elementary Education and a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. With expertise in professional development and online communities, she is currently working as a professional development specialist at the National Council of Teachers of English and as a Literacy in Learning Exchange community facilitator for the National Center for Literacy Education. As a community facilitator, she works closely with the registered groups within the Literacy in Learning Exchange as they engage with one another and with the resources made available through NCLE partnerships.
Catherine Awsumb Nelson, Ph.D., is an independent evaluation consultant who focuses on helping educational institutions incorporate evaluation information into their decision making and organizational routines to foster data-based decisions about programs, resources, and performance. She works with schools, districts, research organizations, professional development organizations, and philanthropic foundations. Dr. Nelson is currently serving as the Lead Researcher for the National Center on Literacy Education, where she authored their recent report Remodeling Literacy Learning Together: Paths to Standards Implementation.
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