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Teaming, CCSS, and Project-Based Learning

Teaming, CCSS, and Project-Based Learning

Middle school is an energetic and dynamic environment. We should know—we spend our days with 100 fifth through eighth graders on a team at Williston Central School in Vermont called Swift House, named for the...
Author: Juliette Longchamp, Deborah Donnelly
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Integrating Curriculum for Meaningful Learning

Integrating Curriculum for Meaningful Learning

In most schools, integrated curriculum is more a hit-and-miss practice than a full-scale, all-out commitment. To accomplish the goal of ensuring that “all teachers can identify the connections among ideas and...
Author: Sue B. Vansant
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Strengthening Teams Through Technology

Today’s middle school teams use a wide range of technology tools to achieve six important goals: to develop their teacher team; to design effective workflows; to establish a strong team culture; to involve...
Author: Penny A. Bishop & John M. Downes
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Becoming a Team

Becoming a Team

Creating and nurturing an effective team takes time—and it's well worth the effort

Just as trapeze artists must trust the workers who man the equipment and set up the nets, so team members must learn to trust each other. One of the main issues and concerns for teams is how to remain consistent and...
Author: Jack Berckemeyer
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Caring for the Whole Student

Caring for the Whole Student

At Moravia Middle School, each aspect of our program is designed to meet not only our students’ unique academic needs, but their social and emotional issues as well. Our goals could only be achieved by...
Author: Bruce MacBain, Jeff Green, and Rebecca Burtram
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Welcome to Camp Lightning Thief!

The mother of a seventh grade student at Canonsburg Middle School in Pennsylvania sent the following message to Mrs. Wright, a language arts teacher: Just wanted to let you know how much Alex has been enjoying The...
Author: Greg Taranto, Jeremy Kuharcik, & Mindy Wright
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Virtual Teaming: Placing Preservice Middle Level Teachers on Interdisciplinary Teams

In this action research study, 24 preservice middle level educators participated in simulated interdisciplinary teams for a semester. The impact this authentic pedagogy had on preservice teachers' developing knowledge...
Author: Jennifer L. Wilson
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"It's Hard Answering Your Calling": Teacher Teams in a Restructuring Urban Middle School

Considered a successful university-operated, urban middle school serving an overwhelmingly African American student body, "Charter" Middle School was dechartered suddenly, then merged a year later with students from a...
Author: Karen L. Tonso, Ph.D., Maura Lobos Jung, Ph.D., Marie Colombo
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Tags: PLCs

Effects of Interdisciplinary Teaching Team Configuration upon the Social Bonding of Middle School Students

This study compared two configurations of sixth-grade students and core teachers to measure the students' perceived levels of social bonding with their peers, their school, and their teachers. One configuration...
Author: John J. Wallace
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Teaching and Teaming More Responsively: Case Studies in Professional Growth at the Middle Level

This case study examined the experiences of two middle level teachers as they worked with a literacy coach and university partners in an instructional improvement initiative. Robert and Janice worked together as a...
Author: David Strahan, Melissa Hedt
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