Speed Learning Sessions

Thursday, November 6, 2014
12:45 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Table A
Read-Aloud in Middle School

Jennifer K. Marchessault, Mindy Singer-Cook
Do you want to bring the words on the page to life in your class and get your students engaged? Then why not listen to positive results from research conducted on read-aloud in the classroom?

Table B
Overcoming Barriers to Implement Active Learning in the Middle Grades Classroom

Susan Edwards
This session shares a research study that examined nine middle school teachers who implement active learning and multiple learning approaches in their classrooms.

Table C
Middle Level Concept and Student Achievement in Texas

D. Michelle Williams
This session will share research conducted in Texas to determine the level of implementation of middle level best practices and its relationship to student achievement in math and reading.

Table E
Learning Styles: Are They Out of Fashion?

Beth Rogowsky
When it comes to learning, style has nothing to do with it. Learn the latest empirical research disputing learning styles theory and discuss its implications for middle level learners.

Table F
Kids Know the Teachers They Want

Linda V. Neiman, Jennifer J. Fontanini, Linda Carpenter
We surveyed middle school students to find out what they thought good teaching is and what good teachers do. Their responses may surprise you. Join us for a discerning discussion.

Table G
Important Criteria for the Successful Middle Level Teacher Candidates Internship

V. Carole Smith
This session reports on the correlation of grades, field experiences, and praxis scores as they relate to the success of the middle level teacher candidate during the internship.

Table H
How Engaging in Undergraduate Research Influences the Development of Inquiry-based Lessons

Kayla Fann Staton, Anna Herdliska, April Nelms
Session attendees will learn how our experience as undergraduate researchers shaped our implementation of inquiry teaching and learning in the science classroom.

Table I
Professional Development on a Shoestring Budget: How to Bridge the Gap

Gail Vannatta
Budget cutbacks cutting into your professional development opportunities? Learn how professional learning communities can meet that gap.

Table J
Integrating Literacy in Social Studies: First Steps with Pre-service Teachers

Amanda Wall, Alisa Leckie
We investigated how beginning pre-service teachers integrated literacy in social studies. We'll share strategies and ideas to support this integration.

Table K
Content-area Literacy and Common Core: Teachers' Attitudes, Beliefs, and Use of Literacy Strategies

Sharon Jackson
This session is designed to provide strategies for teachers to use that will engage students in valuable textual experiences across multiple content areas.

Table L
Strengthening the Middle: How We Can Better Prepare Pre-service Teachers for Middle School

Shannon Grey, Eileen Heddy
How one teacher preparation program created a specialization that recruits strong students and prepares them to teach 6 -12 specifically focusing on middle school.

Table M
The Development of Teacher Education Programs that Meet the Needs of the Inclusive Classroom

Ashlea Rineer-Hershey, Richael Barger-Anderson, Robert Isherwood, Matthew Erickson
This session will provide participants with the current research on teacher education programs in the area of special education.

Table N
Successful Parent Conferences

Rhonda H. Lee, Donna King
Make every parent conference a success!

Table O
Catapulting Your Way into STEM

Gail Vawter
Not sure how to integrate engineering into your science classroom? Use catapults to compare and contrast the scientific method and the engineering design in a fun way.

Table P
Fat Albert Writing

Heather Stark
Teach students how to write organized, descriptive essays filled with personal anecdotes through four distinct characters – Fat Albert, Slim Jim, Skeleton, and Ghost.

Table Q
"Octopus's Garden" Growing Relationships and Cultivating Connections

Barbara Powers, Susan Bryant, Sharron Hofer, Tjuana Reed
This session will use the garden theme and the song "Octopus's Garden" by The Beatles to develop a better understanding of growing relationships and cultivating connections.

Table R
Springboard Ohio to the Nation: An Examination of the Enactment of Middle Level Licensure

Paula White, Robin Dever, Diane Ross, Jennifer Miller, Karen A. Jones Jones
Participants will work together to organize a national research study that examines how middle level prepared teachers enact the middle level philosophy.

Table S
Common Core: Resurrection/Restriction of Social Studies: Impact on Middle Level Instruction

Mary Ann O'Neil
Focus on current literature on Common Core initiatives and social studies instruction will open discussion regarding compliance with the Common Core standards for literacy.

Table T
Qualitative Results: Free-Responses from Recent Graduates Suggest Ways to Improve MLED Program

Lois Yocum, Donna Scoggins
Learn how a qualitative analysis of free-responses from interviews, e-mails, and questionnaires sent online to recent graduates leads to MLED program improvements.

Table U
Professional Development Planning for Pre-service and Early Career Teachers

Michael Mann
This presentation introduces a unique approach to professional development planning designed to help pre-service and early career teachers distinguish themselves.