School Improvement Assessment

Strengthen and improve your school! Measure your school's implementation of proven middle grades practices and get specific recommendations for improvement.

The AMLE School Improvement Assessment gives you

  • The data you want
  • The roadmap you need
  • A partner to help along the way

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How It Works

The assessment is focused on three important areas of middle level education:

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Leadership and Organization
  • Culture and Community

Dru Tomlin ( to register your school for this easy and affordable online assessment (800-528-6672).

We will provide an easy, online survey for your entire staff to complete at the comfort of their desks or homes. After the survey is completed by your staff, we will provide a comprehensive report that will explain the results of the survey and identify which areas of your school is doing well and which areas need improvement.


What to expect from your School Improvement Assessment Report

Sample school report

The report will provide the results of the online assessment including

  • Overview of Results - Scores from your results will be reported as mean scores with standard deviations for each
  • Results by Characteristic - Using the 16 characteristics from AMLE's This We Believe: Keys to Educating Young Adolescents.
  • Highest and lowest scoring characteristics in each area
  • Recommended actions for each area that needs improvement
  • Research and resources for school improvement - Using the data from your school's School Improvement Assessment, AMLE will provide comprehensive lists of research and resources we recommend to help with your school's continued success.

Ways to use your School Improvement Assessment Report

  • Advocate for your school’s needs and celebrate your school’s triumphs in your community and/or school
  • Assist your staff in implementing school-wide and individual professional learning plans
  • Communicate to your school board the need for additional resources that the Association for Middle Level Education can provide, such as
    • School visits and observations by a highly experienced middle level expert
    • Assistance using assessment results to develop a school improvement plan
    • Site-based workshops created to meet the needs of your school
    • Professional learning materials

Contact Us

Call today to discuss how the School Improvement Assessment can help your school and school district and involve families and the community in the process.

Dru Tomlin, Director of Middle Level Services


"The information we receive through the School Improvement Assessment is very valuable as we look to measure our work to the Characteristics found in This We Believe. It is helpful to use research based measures to create an environment for the students that attend our school. The tool is very user friendly and easy to interpret when using the information. I would recommend this to other Middle Level Educators for the use in their school."

Chip Schuman
Mattawan, MS

"SIA has served Shiloh Middle School very well over the past year. After administering it in 2013, our Building Leadership Team used the data from the assessment to develop smart goals for the next school year. There is so much academic data out there for schools to use, but SIA offered feedback on how we were doing with practicing our middle level beliefs. Shiloh will continue to review our SIA data and look forward to administering the assessment again to look for growth."

Nick Discenza
Shiloh Middle School, OH

"We knew that we were doing some good things for kids, and the data showed this. But, it also pointed out where we had gotten off-track in addressing the needs of middle level learners. Not only did the results of the survey narrow our focus on the areas in need of improvement as outlined by the 16 characteristics of middle level schools, but specific suggestions were given to get back in the game of teaching the whole child. For us, that meant changing our culture and community to better support our students. We had gotten caught up in the details of the delivery of instruction without considering who we were teaching. Easily done. Today, we have implemented an advisory program that's building those needed relationships and support structures to help kids be successful. It's already working."

Dawn L. Grantham
Richards Middle School, Georgia

"The SIA proved to be a valuable tool as our institution strategically looked at our middle school program. The prepared results from the assessment provided a powerful visual tool that allowed me communicate to our Board of Directors the need for support in specific areas of our middle school program.”

Jason Seggern
Delaware Valley Friends School, PA