AMLE Foundation Contribution (Online)

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  • Non-Member: $1.00
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Donate today and support programs benefiting those in middle level education!

Contributions to the AMLE Foundation qualify as gifts, deductible on the donor's income tax returns. The AMLE Foundation is an "endowed fund" with the principal being retained and the income being expended for programs benefiting those in middle level education.

Instructions for making donations online:

  • Donations can be made in $1.00 increments.
  • To change your contribution, simply update the quantity field. For example, to make a $10.00 contribution, enter 10 into the quantity field.
  • Click "Add to Cart".
  • Enter login credentials if prompted.
  • Enter information about gifts given "in honor" or "in memory" when prompted. Gifts may be given in honor or in memory of anyone the donor wishes to honor or in the name of those nominated for inclusion in the Legacy Circle.
  • Donation appears in cart.
  • Click "Continue to Payment" to proceed with your donation.

Thank you for your contribution and support of middle level education!