Annual Conference for Middle Level Education

October 9-12, 2016 • Austin, Texas

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"7" Great Strategies that Increase Positive Behavior and Motivate At-Risk Students
"All Aboard" Ten Ways To Connect The Curriculum
"But I Don't Like to Read!" Let's Change thatMantra by Allowing Book Choice in our Classrooms
"Come to Camp" Making the Transition from Elementary to Middle Fun!
"Crime Time": An Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Criminal Justice System
"Don't run... it is only DATA!" The Tuning Protocol: A Common-sense Way to Benchmark Both Student a
"Earth to Administrator, Are You Listening?" - What Teachers Want Their Principals to Know
"Essentials" to Raising State Assessment Scores
"Find the Strength in Every Teacher": Urban Middle School Teachers' Perceptions of Effective Change
"Getting your Middle-Schoolers to B.A.R.K." One School's Journey to a Positive School Climate
"Good Teachers Never Quit"
"GRASPing" for a Life "RAFT" : Performance Assessment Strategies in Unchartered Water
"Let Me Learn It My Way" - A Guide to a Student Centered Learning Environment
"Must-Haves" for Teacher Leaders to Get Results
"Octopus's Garden" Growing Relationships andCultivating Connections
"Priceless" Professional Development
"Put the book down!": How to Create a Love of Reading in Your Students
"Speak Now"
"Tested" A New Film on Diversity and Public Schools
"That Grew From My Hands!" An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Food Safety
"The Great Debate" - Are You Ready to Rumble?
"This Is Boring!!"—Not Any More!!
"Tried-and-True" Tips for Teams
"Tweet" Me if You Can...
"Why Are We Learning This?" A Call for Relevance
"You Can't Make Me!" Answers for the Oppositional Defiant Student
"Zap" the "Gap" with an "App" to Learn Mathematics
#NoFilter: Supporting Adolescent Self-Image
#TweetingTeachers: Creating Professional Learning Networks and Extending Student Learning
$aving Our Futures: A Financial Responsibility Program for Young People