Complex & Diverse Text for the Common Core and More in the Middle Level Classroom
Presenter: Sara Wicht

Join Teaching Tolerance and AMLE as we examine powerful literacy materials that can be used in your middle grades classroom todayto rekindle your curriculum, bring diversity to the forefront, and help develop literacy skills with your students.
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Health, Wellness & Student Achievement in the Middle Level
Presenter: Pam Powers & Let’s Move Active Schools

Join AMLE and Pam Powers from Let's Move Active Schools as we discuss why health and wellness are so important to student achievement and how we can help young adolescents make healthy choices in the middle grades.
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Teaching with Diversity & Cultural Competency in Mind in the Middle Level!
Presenter: Crystal LaVoulle

Join AMLE and Crystal LaVoulle as we explore what we need to do to teach, reach and celebrate students from diverse backgrounds—and what it means to be a culturally competent teacher in the middle level.
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Building a Positive School Culture in the Middle Level
Presenter: Santo Pino

Join AMLE and Santo Pino as we discuss what all middle level educators—teachers and administrators—can do to create a school culture that will positively impact student learning and teacher success!
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Fostering Student Accountability through Student-Led Conferences
Presenter: Patti Kinney

Join AMLE and Patti Kinney as we examine how to establish transformative student-led conferences in your classroom and school house.
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Effective Classroom Management for the Middle Level
Presenter: Charles Beaman

Join AMLE and Charles Beaman as we uncover real practical tools for effective classroom management that will help you maintain control, provide engagement, and help all of your middle grades students achieve.
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The Young Adolescent Brain & the Impact on Teaching & Learning
Presenter: Bobb Darnell

Join AMLE and Bobb Darnell as we examine the workings of the young adolescent brain and how we can reach and teach more effectively with that cognitive knowledge in mind!
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Making Advisory Magic Happen in the Middle Level!
Presenter: Ellen D'Amore

Join AMLE and Ellen D'Amore as we look at how to implement and maintain an effective and magical advisory program in your school. Get practical strategies for the bright road ahead!
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Shout It Out Loud: Tools and Apps for Amplifying Student Voices through Formative Assessment
Presenter: Julie Ramsay

Join AMLE and Julie Ramsay as we explore how to use formative assessment, supported by digital tools, to determine exactly what our students have mastered in the middle level.
*Member Exclusive

Making Disciplinary Literacy Work in the Middle Level for Common Core and More!
Presenter: Doug Buehl

Join AMLE, the International Reading Association, and celebrated literacy expert, Doug Buehl, as we take a closer look at making disciplinary literacy work in the middle level for student achievement
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