Annual Report

PDF 2014-2015 Annual Report

A Message from the Executive Director

Over the past several years the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) has dedicated significant financial resources to reach and engage more middle level educators. With a recently updated brand; a new membership model; a new publication, AMLE Magazine; and a redesigned website, our investments contributed to positive results in 2014-2015. AMLE ended the fiscal year with a record 40,000 Members, a 17% increase in a 12-month period.

Additionally, annual conference attendance increased—the first increase in eight years. Total revenue and net income increased for the first time in five years, and net assets increased for the first time in four years. These financial successes translate to Increased Services and Resources for middle level educators, which is the heart of our mission.

AMLE brought Professional Learning opportunities to Nashville, Hawaii, Iowa, Atlanta, Savannah, and San Diego, reaching more than 4,100 educators with support and ideas to help transform learning for tens of thousands of students. Our webinar series grew to more than 45 archived webinars, 24 of which were recorded in the 2014-15 fiscal year.

In addition to publishing ten issues of our Research journal, RMLE Online, and five issues of Middle School Journal, AMLE released four new research summaries, developed by our Research Advisory Committee: Coaching Teacher Dispositions, Developmental Characteristics of Young Adolescents, Motivation: Understanding and Responding to Individual Differences, and Professional Learning and Professional Development in the Middle Grades.

Our work—fueled by a healthy financial outlook—is enriched by hundreds of Volunteers. With 100 conference program reviewers, 115 professional journal manuscript reviewers, 42 teacher preparation program reviewers, 30 advisory committee members, 18 board members, and countless others who provide their time and talents, AMLE is rich with individuals who help us reach our mission of improving the educational experiences of all students by providing resources to educators.

The organization also was privileged to offer Recognition of Education Leaders who have made a difference in the lives of young adolescents. We recognized exceptional school leader Allison Glickman-Rogers and university professor Norma Bailey for their outstanding service to the field, and a cutting edge team at Vance Middle School and our collegiate chapter at Otterbein University who each received awards sponsored by the AMLE Foundation Fund.

We had a year of fostering important Partnerships to extend the association's reach. Middle Level Education Month, sponsored by AMLE, was supported by partners Adolescent Success, NAESP, NASSP, Let's Move Active Schools, and the National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform. AMLE engaged the Research Advisory Committee, our publication editors, and other stakeholders to determine a new periodicals publishing model, which resulted in working with Taylor & Francis as the publishing and distribution partner for our peer-reviewed journals. This arrangement has the added benefit of increasing exposure of AMLE research journals to the education research community and scholars while expanding access for AMLE members. Other partnerships include the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, National Teacher of the Year, and Connected Educator Month.

As you can see, there's much to celebrate. We know that just as students benefit from attention to relationships with peers, teachers, and adult advocates, AMLE's strong relationships determine the success of our efforts to help educators reach every student, grow professionally, and create great schools!

William D. Waidelich, EdD, CAE
Executive Director