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Young Adolescent Development

Seeking Guidance? Ask Your School Counselor

Seeking Guidance? Ask Your School Counselor

Working together, teachers and school counselors can address barriers to learning.

“If you spend 10 minutes with a room full of students between the ages of 11 and 15, they will reveal the hundreds of different people they can be in a matter of moments.” Thus, in their book Fires in the...
Author: Joshua D. Desantis & Danielle G. Desantis
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The Nature of Middle Level

The Nature of Middle Level

Transition and Change

It is difficult for me to look at an autumn leaf and not think about Greek mythology. There is an undeniable connection between the rich reds, auburns, ambers, and crimsons of fall and the ancient gods and goddesses....

Perceptions of Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in the Middle School

Research Summary

Over the last several decades, discussion regarding the most appropriate methods for educating children with disabilities has abounded (Itkonen, 2007). The term inclusion arose as a result of this discussion, but,...
Author: Rebecca Kimbrough, Kate Mellen
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