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All Things Student Travel for the Start-Up or Well-Seasoned Educator

By: the Student & Youth Travel Association

Teachers surveyed in the Student & Youth Travel Digest mentioned students' improved writing skills, increased attention in class, and greater intellectual curiosity among the top 10 effects of participating in travel. Overall, 74 percent of the teachers surveyed believed travel has a highly positive impact on students' personal development.

November 18, teachers with hopes of leading their first student trip or expanding their established program should register for the complimentary Student & Youth Travel Association's (SYTA) Educator Boot Camp webinar

On During the Boot Camp, educators will learn the basics of pre-, during-, and post-trip planning from the experts at SYTA—the leading association for student travel. Educators will learn the difference between a tour operator and a travel agent, and how to maximize the benefits of working with a tour partner. They will discover which are the top student destinations, and how to work with partners in those areas.

Also important: Educators will learn how to navigate working with parents, school administrators, and school safety officers who often don't understand the objectives of travel programs. SYTA will arm participants with valuable data on the educational, social, and cultural benefits of student trips, as well as practical information that will make trip approval easier.

In today's "legal" environment, educators should have a basic understanding of risk management to minimize the risks associated with planning and executing a trip. The webinar will explore a tangible set of guidelines and best practices that will serve as a baseline for critical safety issues. Understanding these issues and implementing trip processes may ease the concerns expressed by school administration and help get a trip approved. SYTA's Educator Boot Camp provides a guide to managing and minimizing risk. All participants will receive an electronic copy of SYTA's Safety Resource Guide.

Finally, learn about funding opportunities through the SYTA Youth Foundation (SYF). SYF provides scholarships and financial aid for students and youth who would otherwise miss valuable educational travel experiences and group performance opportunities.

Shape the future of your students through travel by participating in this webinar.

Boot Camp Objectives

  1. An overview of student travel – What teachers are saying from the SYTA survey.
  2. Impact on students – Learning, social, and cultural research data.
  3. Pre-, during-, and post-trip planning – Practical resources.
  4. Risk management and safety – Receive the Safety Resource Guide.
  5. Understand "school-sponsored" versus "non-school-sponsored."
  6. Fundraising 101.
  7. The role of the tour operator and travel agent.
  8. Funding opportunities for student travelers in need.

Complimentary registration is now available at

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