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With Intentional Slowness

With Intentional Slowness

The Nature of Middle Level

When Robert Frost wrote "Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening," he probably wasn’t thinking about the educational lives of young adolescents. And as the speaker in Frost’s poem trotted through the snow...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Topics: Teaching
Self-Directed Learning Through Reflection

Self-Directed Learning Through Reflection

Goal setting and action plans help students become more confident learners.

It’s 1 p.m. I have just given my sixth grade science class an assignment reviewing several concepts and key vocabulary words related to energy. The students are free to use their textbooks, past assignments, and...
Listening to the Data

Listening to the Data

Students are talking to you through their assessments. Are you listening?

Teaching and assessing today’s students is just not the way it used to be. Why? Because the students are not the way they used to be. To be effective educators, we need to consider the students who sit in our...
Author: Bobb Darnell
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Topics: Assessment

Beyond Today's Assessments

For years, teachers have rightly complained that tests encourage them to focus on a narrow set of knowledge and skills rather than the broader set of abilities they know their students need. Now, however, the testing...
Author: Bob Wise
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Perseverance and Grit

In every country in the world, we elevate those who endure, especially against overwhelming odds. We exalt politician William Wilberforce, who led a challenging campaign to end all slavery in the British empire. We...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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From Reading to Understanding

From Reading to Understanding

There's an alarming gap between middle school students' ability to read words and their ability to comprehend texts across various disciplines, according to "Adolescent Readers in Middle School," a white paper from...
Author: AMLE
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Why Johnny Can't Sing, Dance, Saw, or Bake

For decades we’ve heard why Johnny can’t read, write, or do simple math. Whenever there is a crisis in American education, we tend to rally the troops to make drastic changes so Johnny can finally learn...
Author: Jack Berckemeyer
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The Battle over Student Engagement

I can’t claim to be a major history buff, nor can I recite all of the major battles of the European Campaign in World War II. But I have learned one important lesson from war movies such as Saving Private Ryan...

Holidays Are Stressful for Middle Schoolers, Too

According to the National Association of Health Education Centers, the chief stressor for students ages 9-13 is school. No middle grades educator is surprised by this, given the factors involved in a student's school...
Author: Judith Baenen
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Accentuate the Positive

I began coaching when I was still in high school—training classmates for their respective sports, coaching at summer camp, and working with kids in the neighborhood. Fortunately, I had some great role models...
Author: Jeffrey Rothstein
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