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Lessons Learned from a Startup

Education is indeed a noble calling. Among and between the frustrations, red tape, glacial speed of change, monotony, and normal emotional fallout of “crucial conversations,” there are those wonderful,...
Author: Jason Larocque
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Teacher Collaboration: Keys to Common Core Success

Teacher Collaboration: Keys to Common Core Success

A new survey sheds light on keys to successful implementation of Common Core State Standards.

Think about the Common Core State Standards as an ambitious remodeling project happening all over the country. Forty-six states and the District of Columbia have adopted new shared goals for what their students should...
Author: Catherine Awsumb Nelson
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Tags: Literacy
Nurturing Effective Middle Level Schools

Nurturing Effective Middle Level Schools

Support, passion, and positive relationships are ingredients of an effective middle level school.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.” I often share this quote with students who tell me they are not good at this or that subject or...
Author: Ann Edwards
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Middle Grades Educators: Carpe Diem!

Middle Grades Educators: Carpe Diem!

Middle grades educators must continue their work in the face of continuing challenges.

Take a minute and read the following paragraph. It contains a challenge that I believe we should all take to heart. The middle school is accepted in theory, and its possibilities have proved so alluring that the...
Author: John H. Lounsbury
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Developing Relationships with Difficult Students

Developing Relationships with Difficult Students

Four simple strategies can help forge a positive teacher-student relationship.

As Mary watched Ashleigh get off the bus, she knew it was going to be “that kind” of day. Ashleigh was mad and yelling in the faces of the other children. Mary watched her push her way through the hallway,...
Author: Lori Rakes & Audra Parker
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Digging into PISA Results

Most of the headlines following the latest results of the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) focused on the fact that the performance of 15-year-olds in the United States has remained flat for the...
Author: Bob Wise
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Topics: Leadership
Get Your Students Moving

Get Your Students Moving

Incorporating movement in the classroom keeps students and their brains engaged in learning.

As a 20-year veteran middle school teacher, I learned very early in my career that if you don’t physically move middle school students sometime during your lesson or class time, they will move you in ways you...
Author: Kim Campbell
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Topics: Teaching
Excellence vs. Mediocrity: What’s Your Choice?

Excellence vs. Mediocrity: What’s Your Choice?

“If I demand excellence from my students, I must first demand excellence from myself.” I often meditate on these words. As classroom educators we always want our students to excel at what they put their...
Author: Kelsey Eursery
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Connecting with the Larger World

Connecting with the Larger World

You belong. We do this with you, not in spite of you. You can trust me not to humiliate you and to keep you from humiliating yourself.

These are the messages in action or in word that students want to hear daily from teachers. To promote these themes, we give students positions of responsibility and the know-how to do them: running the daily...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Do We Still Believe?

Some things we as educators choose to forget: situations and events such as troublesome students, disastrous meetings with parents, or ugly disputes over which grade level gets to read (or has to read) Beowulf. Other...
Author: Jack Berckemeyer
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