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Break the Silence and Make School Safe for All Kids!

Break the Silence and Make School Safe for All Kids!

Awareness and Strategies for Teachers

On January 2 1997, 14-year old Robbie Kirkland committed suicide after a four-year struggle to accept and find peace with his homosexuality. Robbie’s family loved, accepted, and supported him, but that...
Author: Norma J. Bailey
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Value of Talk at the Middle Level

Value of Talk at the Middle Level

Why is talk important for learning? It helps us articulate what we know and believe and gives us the chance to try out different ideas to see if they have credibility under scrutiny from others. If we can learn to...
Author: Susan Edwards
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Curriculum Brokering: Integrating Authentic Visual Arts

Early in my career as a middle school art teacher, it didn't occur to me that I was not part of an integrated team. I was busy enough teaching my 50-minute art classes, working with students during exploratories (the...
Author: Jacqueline McDowell
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I Am Not a Role Model—I'm So Much More

I am not a role model. In today's classroom, I am much, much more than that. I'm only 23 years old, but when I stepped into my first classroom to observe, I suddenly became 32. Why? The answer is really quite simple....
Author: Adam Reeves
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Student Voice

A secret ingredient in improving student engagement and building a community of learners

Those of us in middle level education know the basics of adolescent psychology. Teens are naturally rebellious. Their state of mind isn’t in a "state" at all; they are out-of-sync, their bodies out of control....
Author: Elyse S. Scott
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Polishing Our Sea Glass

Polishing Our Sea Glass

Every student in middle school is precious—some simply need some polishing.

When I was a young adolescent, my parents took me and my two sisters, Sally and Betsy, to the shores of Lake Erie. While certainly not a breathtaking ocean with crystal clear waters, Lake Erie was beautiful...
Author: Tom Burton
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Lights, Camera, Literacy!

Lights, Camera, Literacy!

A marriage of film and literacy education provides authentic learning opportunities.

As middle school teachers, we strive to inspire our students to achieve. We constantly seek ways to engage, motivate, and challenge every learner in our classrooms. We want to provide those special experiences that...

Looking Back and Forward

With the school year drawing to a close, I thought it appropriate to look back at key happenings in education policy from the past year while also looking forward to what I see as the most critical time for K–12...
Author: Bob Wise
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The Intellectual Life of Teachers

If we’re not careful, we may lose our intellectual selves. We can grow numb with repeated exposure to ideology and structures built to maintain the school’s status quo. With each passing year, our...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Integrating Curriculum for Meaningful Learning

Integrating Curriculum for Meaningful Learning

In most schools, integrated curriculum is more a hit-and-miss practice than a full-scale, all-out commitment. To accomplish the goal of ensuring that “all teachers can identify the connections among ideas and...
Author: Sue B. Vansant
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