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PG-13 and Then Some!

PG-13 and Then Some!

How are middle grades educators supposed to act outside school?

As a middle level educator (since prehistoric times), I am sometimes immune to the many behaviors, antics, and attitudes of early adolescents—those behaviors often interpreted by others as inappropriate,...
Author: Sandy Cameli
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Middle School, not Junior High

We are a middle school, not a junior version of high school. To be effective in our teaching, we are developmentally appropriate for young adolescents, not for 16- to 18-year-olds nor for 8- and 9-year-olds. There is...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Understanding Assessment Changes Everything

Understanding Assessment Changes Everything

A commitment to understanding assessment for learning changed this school's culture.

Much of today's conversations around assessment include discussions about standards-based grading. Missing from this dialogue have been anecdotes about schools that have successfully made the transition from...
Author: Elizabeth Hancock, Lindsay Kilgore, Andrew Maxey
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Five Approaches to Optimally Guide Middle Grades Students

Five Approaches to Optimally Guide Middle Grades Students

While the middle grades mark a critical transition period for students, they are often overlooked and underinvested in compared to other grade levels. According to Lynsey Wood Jeffries, the CEO of Higher Achievement,...
Author: Expanded Learning Middle School Initiative
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Teachers Inspire a Call to Service with Lead2Feed

Teachers Inspire a Call to Service with Lead2Feed

Service learning curriculum builds real-world leadership skills while tapping students' talents

Great leaders are not born—but made. History books illustrate how moments in time defined a leader's role. From George Washington to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., these leaders took one small step to lead a larger...
Author: Lead2Feed
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Social Media for Middle Level Classrooms

Research Summary

Seventh grade teacher Elizabeth Delmatoff piloted a social media program in her Portland, Oregon classroom. By the end of the year, 20% of students school-wide were completing additional assignments for no credit,...
Author: Alicia Wenzel, Ken Carano
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Why Awaken the Middle School Voice?

Why Awaken the Middle School Voice?

Middle school voices are not always what their teachers want to hear. Those voices can be high-pitched and rowdy, full of criticism and negativity, whining with complaint, or bent on distracting others, destroying...
Author: Elyse S. Scott
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SYTA's Educator Boot Camp

All Things Student Travel for the Start-Up or Well-Seasoned Educator

Teachers surveyed in the Student & Youth Travel Digest mentioned students' improved writing skills, increased attention in class, and greater intellectual curiosity among the top 10 effects of participating in...
Author: the Student & Youth Travel Association
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Blogging: Writing in the Real World

Blogging: Writing in the Real World

Blogging is real-world writing for an authentic audience.

If you asked my students whether they do a research paper in my seventh grade English class, they would probably say “no”—not because they don't do research, but because they don't do research and...
Author: Jamie Diamond
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It's a "Selfie" Thing: The Role of Artifacts in Teacher Evaluation

It's a "Selfie" Thing: The Role of Artifacts in Teacher Evaluation

Don't be afraid to document your achievements as an effective instructor.

Most teachers have stood before a hiring committee with a portfolio of their "bests" awkwardly balanced between a table and hip while trying to make eye contact, ignore their own creaking dress shoes, and, of course,...
Author: Amber Chandler
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