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Teach Like You Tweet!

We can never underestimate the power of belonging and relationships. As middle level educators, we know the correlation between establishing relationships and student achievement, but have we considered the need to...
Author: Brent Armstrong, Susanne Long
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It's About Time ... Again

Through the years, one of the most consistently popular topics I’ve addressed in presentations and in publications is time. As educators’ list of must-dos grows, their time to do what they signed on to...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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5 Strategies for Promoting College and Career Readiness

5 Strategies for Promoting College and Career Readiness

Getting students ready for their future is important—and fun.

To most of our middle level students, college and careers seem light-years away. But we old codgers (meaning anyone not in their teens) sense with much trepidation how close our students are to their graduation....
Author: Dave Stuart, Jr.
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This We Believe and the Common Core

This We Believe and the Common Core

How closely do the tenets of This We Believe align with Common Core ELA standards?

How is adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) affecting middle school instruction? At a meeting with teachers and principals from an array of schools honored with the Schools to Watch designation,...
Author: Nance S. Wilson, Laurie A. Ramirez, Carla K. Meyer
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Middle Level Teacher Preparation and Certification/Licensure

Widespread consensus exists among researchers, educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders that the quality of teachers is one of the most salient school-related factors influencing student achievement (McCabe,...
Author: AMLE
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PD Cyber Café

PD Cyber Café

A challenge teachers face every school year is how to balance their want for professional growth without losing instruction time in the classroom. Often, teachers are left deciding whether to attend professional...
Author: James Brown
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Building School Community by Empowering Students

Building School Community by Empowering Students

The disruptive behavior of some students can be a top concern of middle school teachers, administrators, and parents in many schools. While time is spent considering approaches to decreasing behavioral incidents,...
Author: Stanley Pollack
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Helping Struggling Readers Succeed

“Can you airdrop that text to me so that I can paste it into ReadNRespond? I need to search for a web image that represents the main idea,” Mark says. Justin reminds him as he examines the co-constructed...
Author: Keri Ewart
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Keeping Our Feedback "On Par"

Keeping Our Feedback "On Par"

A little bit of golf can help teachers improve instruction.

I love to play golf even though I am not very good. I know I am not very good because someone a very long time ago created a scoring system that reminds me that my scores are well above average, and in golf being...
Author: David M. Schmittou
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Is Your PLC Ready to Succeed?

Is Your PLC Ready to Succeed?

Assess your PLC's effectiveness against these five key areas.

The focus on state and national standards, high-stakes testing, and student growth has prompted schools to apply the old adage that two heads are better than one. School administrators and a few teacher leaders...
Author: Bobb Darnell
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