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Achievement Unlocked!

Achievement Unlocked!

An achievement system for students helps them exercise independence and goal-setting skills.

Struggling with self-confidence yet wanting independence, middle school students need opportunities to feel valued and worthy. Middle school educators need to show students that they can do things independently, they...
Author: Kaylene Christie
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They Need a Hero!

They Need a Hero!

Using hero stories to build academic skills and character in adolescents.

At the heart of every great story is a hero who triumphs over adversity. Hero stories, including Greek myths and legends, empower students with the knowledge that others have faced and overcome similar challenges....
Author: Melissa Baneck, Kenneth V. Anthony
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Through the years, I've developed some successful strategies I'd like to share with my colleagues outside my school. Suggestions? What can I do?

Peer-to-peer sharing is one of our most meaningful and effective kinds of professional development—and it's so easy to do. Whether it's presenting at a meeting or conference, writing an article, or participating...
Author: Patricia George
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The Basics of Developing Effective Teams

The life of a middle level teacher is one of continuous challenges. Teachers are charged with curriculum development, lesson planning, data analysis, problem solving, response-to-intervention, and other student...
Author: Dawn Michelle Williams, Leah Kahn, Claudia Whitley
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Wayside Teaching Revisited

Wayside Teaching Revisited

Revisiting the value of informal teaching beyond planned instruction.

Wayside teaching was first introduced in the May 1987 "As I See It" column in the Middle School Journal—30 years ago. Here is a slightly modified version of it, particularly for all those educators who came to...
Author: John H. Lounsbury
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Moment by Moment: An Instructional Approach to Positive Behavior

Moment by Moment: An Instructional Approach to Positive Behavior

Positive student behavior develops from expectations, relationships, and direct instruction.

Although many schoolwide discipline efforts focus on systems, rules, and consequences, they often overlook effective response strategies to students' misbehavior. Without straightforward approaches to teach,...
Author: Tricia Wells
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Literature Circles: Student-Driven Instruction

Literature Circles: Student-Driven Instruction

Literature circles bring reading to life for these sixth graders.

What did we just read? I am so bored! Why are we reading this? What's the point? Sound familiar? These were some of the responses to reading that I received during my first year teaching bright and talented sixth...
Author: Samantha Schnoor
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Food for Thought: The 16 Characteristics of an Effective and Amazing Middle School

Every one and every school has a story made up of ingredients. When I taught Basic English in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I often had food on my mind. It wasn't because I was particularly hungry or because I was creating...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Academic Lifeguards: Saving Students

Academic Lifeguards: Saving Students

Academic lifeguards are on duty, on guard, and willing to jump in when necessary.

You are a lifeguard on a beach and you see a child engulfed by an enormous wave, then struggling to keep her head above water. You use every skill you have to prevent the child from drowning. Academic lifeguards are...
Author: Sherri Nelson
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Making a New Language Stick with Students

Making a New Language Stick with Students

Best online resources to use at home and school

There's a reason people say, "It's like learning a new language!" when learning something that's difficult—it takes practice, diligence and off-hours studying to become fluent in a new language. What's more,...
Author: Jessica Thiefels
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