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Joy in Reading: A Middle School Literacy Enrichment Program

Joy in Reading: A Middle School Literacy Enrichment Program

A middle school community intentionally creates opportunities and experiences for all students to develop a love for reading.

Only two remain. The girl and boy glance earnestly about as the votes are cast. One by one, the members present their decision to their leader. Once the elder finalizes the count, the group roars as the victor is...
Author: Kimberly Cockley
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20 Literacy Strategies for Engaging the Middle Level Brain

20 Literacy Strategies for Engaging the Middle Level Brain

Effective ways to enhance reading and writing experiences.

Recently, I was teaching a language arts class in Logan, West Virginia. The objective of the lesson was to analyze the impact of tradition on human behavior using narrative text. Sounds really dull, doesn't it? It...
Author: Marcia L. Tate
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Derailing "IDK"

Derailing "IDK"

Helping students articulate questions and uncertainties.

I have never been in a train wreck, but I have been in chaos created during a class discussion when a student sullenly mumbles, "I don't know." Lesson derailment! Disastrous emotional derailment! Let's investigate the...
Author: Rebecca Kordatzky
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The Three-Legged Stool of Organization

The Three-Legged Stool of Organization

Practical strategies to organize your mind, your life, and your workspace.

The three-legged stool embodies stability and simplicity. In the busy world of middle-level education, our time is finite yet the demands on it seem unlimited. Technology places countless resources at our fingertips,...
Author: Frank Buck
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Mathematics and Science in Middle Level Classrooms

Mathematics and Science in Middle Level Classrooms

Integrating disciplines to encourage exploration and discovery.

AMLE's This We Believe calls for teachers to be engaged in active, purposeful learning in which students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful questions, formulate conjectures and hypotheses, and explore...
Author: Devin M. Levin, Elizabeth Fleming, Carolina Napp-Avelli, Amber Storer
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Turning Apathy into Aspirations

Turning Apathy into Aspirations

Using project-based learning to develop relationships and establish relevance.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) has changed my life, but the changes I have seen in young people is the reason I am spreading the love. Skyler was the student that you knew was able to succeed academically and pass...
Author: Ryan Steuer
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"Hands-Joined" Projects

"Hands-Joined" Projects

A framework for co-developing projects with teachers and students.

Ask a middle school teacher to explain why student-centered projects are a logical choice for young adolescents and you are bound to hear about the numerous ways in which these projects provide students with...
Author: Jessica Demink-Carthew, Jeremy DeMink
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How do I help students develop the ability to engage in self-assessment? What can we do?

A teacher's ability to facilitate self-assessment and student reflection on (independent of you) is essential during the middle grades years. Self-assessment is a student's ability to check and understand his or her...
Author: Kristie Smith
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Is It Working in Your Middle School?

The following is an excerpt from the newly released book titled Is It Working in Your Middle School? I highly encourage any middle level educator to access the book and use it as tool for ensuring the success of any...
Author: Nikki Woodson
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Topics: Leadership

Classroom Tech for Learning Checks

In its keys for educating young adolescents, AMLE calls for educators to use a variety of assessments in an effort to both advance and measure student learning. Daily, teachers are using assessment to guide...
Author: Kristie Smith, Kristina N. Falbe
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