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Set High Standards for Your Students and for Your Lessons

Set High Standards for Your Students and for Your Lessons

How your teaching philosophy can guide inspiration and creativity in the classroom

One of my first mini-lessons in my fifth-grade language arts and social studies class is to have my students write a six-word memoir. For this assignment, students have only six words to share the most important thing...
Author: Stephanie Stoebe
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Getting Students Excited about Analytical Writing

Getting Students Excited about Analytical Writing

Imagine students wanting to improve their writing—just because!

What if students improved their writing because they wanted to, not just to get a good grade? What if their motivation to do better was fueled by teacher conferences and quick feedback? That fantasy could be closer...
Author: Joy Mushacke Smith
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History Alive: Engaging Students in Cosplaying

History Alive: Engaging Students in Cosplaying

Weaving the fun of cosplaying with social studies gives history a life of its own.

Every summer, thousands of comic book fans make the trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, for HeroesCon. During this three-day convention, hundreds of fans dress up like Batman, Stormtroopers, Spiderman, Iron Man, taking...
Author: Nefertari Yancie, Jeremiah Clabough
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Topics: Teaching
Cultivating Connections with Diverse Families

Cultivating Connections with Diverse Families

Opportunities abound for teachers to make connections with diverse families.

As we welcome students into our classrooms each year, we are reminded of the important role families play in our students' education. We listen as administrators discuss the importance of community and parental...
Author: Brooke Eisenbach, Summer Clark, Amy Gooden
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Making Introductory Lessons Higher-Level

Making Introductory Lessons Higher-Level

Make introductory lessons opportunities for higher-level critical thinking.

One of my favorite administrative responsibilities is visiting classrooms and observing lessons. I view those visits and the follow-up conversations with teachers as opportunities to share ideas and expand our...
Author: Joanne Kelleher
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Students Helping Students Succeed

Students Helping Students Succeed

A student assistant program opens up opportunities for students and teachers.

"So, you're saying you think the length of the pendulum is the most important variable affecting its frequency. Do you have data you can show me that supports this?" A question like that is common in sixth grade...
Author: Douglas Stith
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Forging Partnerships Outside the Classroom

Sometimes teaching can cause tunnel vision. Teachers often look inside their school district, building, or classroom for resources to help their students learn, neglecting the partnerships outside the immediate school...
Author: Robin Dever
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Tag It—"Graffiti" in the Classroom

Tag It—"Graffiti" in the Classroom

Graffiti murals promote comprehension and student voice.

Some see graffiti as vandalism; others see it as a work of art. Urban artists use graffiti to send political messages—as a form of meaning making in the larger society. Indiana University Professor David Hanauer...
Author: Samina Hadi-Tabassum
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Lunchroom Lessons for Leaders

In the midst of a busy morning arrival time, a few middle school students greeted me as I walked through the crowded hallway toward the room in which my meeting was being held. "Sup Dr. W. Are you coming to our...
Author: Nikki Woodson
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Differentiating Structure, Not Content

Differentiating Structure, Not Content

Changing the classroom structure can be as effective as differentiating content.

Konawaena Middle School was created as a school within a high school to meet the unique needs of the early adolescents. One of the outstanding features of this school is its commitment to the heterogeneous grouping of...
Author: Guy Gambone
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