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Positive Contact: Redefining Parent Involvement

Ms. Jones had never had three college-educated adults visit her modest, one-room, government-subsidized apartment. Working two jobs, one at a hotel and the other as a waitress, going back to school, and being a single...
Author: Jaime Greene, Derek Voiles
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50% of the Class; 100% of the Learning

You are in the middle of a lesson and all the students are following along—except that one student who has lots of questions. The questions are good, engaging, and you can tell the student is making every effort...
Author: Ryan Fuderer
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Leading with the Student Voice

Leading with the Student Voice

Recently, in response to a group of middle school students who asked about my journey to becoming a school leader, I recalled my 23-year journey to being awarded my Ph.D. in 2004 and my mother's sage advice. I...
Author: Nikki Woodson
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"Several of my students have invited me to be 'friends' on Facebook, but I am nervous about communicating with them via social media. Any advice?"

As social networking continues to increase, questions about issues such as free speech rights, and even educator–student relationships increase as well. Let me start by saying that your board should have a...
Author: Charles J. Russo
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Standards—Merely a Good Place to Start

Standards—Merely a Good Place to Start

Standards are important—but just a starting point

It used to be that the school or district leader’s answer to the fundamental question, “What are the most important things for me to teach this year?” invariably was, “Check your...
Author: Guy Gambone
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Learning About Learning in Science

Learning About Learning in Science

PBL helps students see how knowledge is acquired and built upon.

As we prepare our students for success now and in the future, we can begin by teaching them to explore and acquire knowledge, evaluate it to ensure it is sound, and share it. In his TED Talk titled A Visual History...
Author: Corey Nagle, John Pecore
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New Federal Study to Focus on the Middle Grades

New Federal Study to Focus on the Middle Grades

Longitudinal study to follow 20,000 students from 900 US schools.

The Middle Grades Longitudinal Study of 2017-18 (MGLS:2017) is the first nationally representative study to examine the educational experiences and outcomes of students as they progress through the middle grades (for...
Author: The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)
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Assuring the Continued Success of the Middle School

Assuring the Continued Success of the Middle School

We hope you enjoy this article, originally published as a chapter in AMLE's (previously NMSA) first book, The Middle School: A Look Ahead, published in 1977 and edited by Paul George. While the article remains...
Author: John Lounsbury
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Making Tough Technology Decisions

Making Tough Technology Decisions

Experts weigh in on keys to making effective decisions about technology.

No school districts want to be featured on the nightly news because of their poor choices in technology decisions or for implementing technology plans that end up wasting the taxpayers' dollars. But technology...
Author: Sandra Wozniak
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Flipping the Social Studies Classroom

Flipping the Social Studies Classroom

More reasons you should consider flipping your classroom.

What's so great about flipped classrooms? Flipped teaching is a great way to create an active, vibrant classroom and enhance student learning. It requires students to complete lower levels of cognitive work outside...
Author: Melissa J. Dugan
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