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Making School Work Right

Making School Work Right

An update on a district-wide transformation of middle level education and technology for learning

In our article titled "Transforming Middle School Practice Through Instructional Technology," we shared how our district has approached systematic growth by intertwining twin focuses on middle level education and...
Author: Andrew Maxey, Elizabeth Hancock
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What Could Middle Schools Learn from Summer Camp

What Could Middle Schools Learn from Summer Camp

Here's what students had to say and what educators can do to have camp-inspired lessons

Middle schools and summer camps play different roles in society. Middle schools are a legally required step in a child's development meant to prepare them for college and career, while summer camps are often elective...
Author: Hannah Kast
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It's Worth Getting Up to Speed on School Law

It's Worth Getting Up to Speed on School Law

Knowing laws that affect educators can clarify rights and responsibilities and minimize negative consequences

A few years ago, a colleague of mine at a local middle school lamented that he had to stop being a volunteer leader for his church's youth group. When I asked him why, he said he had heard someone on talk radio say...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Art: The Magic Molecule

Art: The Magic Molecule

Tapping into the arts helps students—and teachers—make an emotional investment in reading

Plagiarism is both easier to commit due to the tremendous amount of content "out there," but also ridiculously easy to catch with a simple Google search. As an English teacher, I've found that if my assignment can be...
Author: Amber Chandler
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Topics: Teaching
Four Ways to Ease Students' Transition to Middle School

Four Ways to Ease Students' Transition to Middle School

How to help students struggling with the move from elementary to middle school

Gena was failing most of her sixth grade classes when she decided to stop going to school. Her mother, Sheryl, called me in a panic. I hadn't talked to Sheryl in years, but we'd grown up together, and she knew I was a...
Author: Phyllis L. Fagell
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After-Reading Response: "I Am" Poetry for Synthesizing Text

After-Reading Response: "I Am" Poetry for Synthesizing Text

How poetry written from a new perspective deepens knowledge and encourages synthesis of new ideas

Much of the writing we assign our students is public writing—writing to communicate with others. Writing-to-learn is personal writing, writing that helps students increase comprehension of texts—fiction...
Author: Lesley Roessing
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Tags: Literacy
Effective School Leadership: Eight Questions to Ask Yourself

Effective School Leadership: Eight Questions to Ask Yourself

Being a good leader means taking time for personal reflection

All effective middle school leaders take the time to reflect. In addition to purposeful reflection, the strongest kind of leader will also question themselves, explore their thoughts, and assess their actions in an...
Author: James Davis
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Topics: Leadership
Diving into 3D Technology

Diving into 3D Technology

Students build and print objects while developing proportional reasoning and technology skills

Each year we explore new and innovative ways to teach middle grades students the foundational concepts and skills they need for algebra such as proportional reasoning. This year, we engaged students in a scale...
Author: Michele Ough, Sarah B. Bush
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Tags: Math

STEM in the Middle Grades

Research Summary

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education continues to emphasize the teaching of skills that are relevant to today's information driven economy (Jamali, Nurulazam Md Zain, Samsudin & Ale...
Author: Premkumar Pugalenthi, Alisa B. Wickliff, David K. Pugalee
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The Spotlight Challenge

The Spotlight Challenge

A design thinking project to inspire the future generation of leaders

Students today are faced with global issues that impact their lives such as bias, political divisiveness, injustice, and mass shootings. These students have the potential to become a generation of leaders that improve...
Author: Kasey Short
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Topics: Teaching
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