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Redefining the End Goal

Redefining the End Goal

Seven ways educators can help students look beyond grades

"There's no way I'm taking honors biology next year," Katie told me. "It's going to wreck my GPA." She was in eighth grade and contemplating the high school course options. I knew Katie collected insects for fun...
Author: Phyllis L. Fagell
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During-Reading Response: Visual Response or Drawing through the Text

During-Reading Response: Visual Response or Drawing through the Text

Ideas for helping readers visualize text to promote comprehension at deeper levels

Much of the writing we assign our students is public writing: writing to communicate with others. Writing-to-learn is personal writing, writing that helps students increase comprehension of texts—fiction and...
Author: Lesley Roessing
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Tags: Reading
Now What?

Now What?

Connecting students with what they're reading by pairing texts with real world experiences

Once we've learned to read, reading becomes a tool that helps us learn. Creating a learning experience that incorporates reading deeply, however, can be a challenge for today's teachers. How can we make reading...
Author: Sarah Gravemann
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Throwing a Curve at Teaching Literacy

Throwing a Curve at Teaching Literacy

Write on Sports summer camps blend sports and literacy with authentic, individualized learning

One of the many reasons teaching is a unique profession is that there is a finite beginning and end to each year. After bidding farewell to outgoing students, we have a summer vacation that provides us with time to...
Author: Andy Beutel
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STEM: The Misunderstood Cousin of PBL

STEM: The Misunderstood Cousin of PBL

How STEM pedagogy is adaptable and accessible in any classroom

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is the current teaching practice being implemented in classrooms to develop 21st century skills and engage students in a deeper level of learning by presenting authentic, complex problems...
Author: Michele Schuler
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Topics: STEM
Middle Level Students: The Unified Generation

Middle Level Students: The Unified Generation

Help our students with and without intellectual disabilities lead the way to socially inclusive schools

Exclusion, discrimination, bullying—all are in the headlines on a daily basis, but change is ahead. It is time for an inclusion revolution, and our middle level students can help lead the way by becoming part of...
Author: Betty Edwards, Leigha Bannon
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Is There Enough of You in Your Teaching?

Is There Enough of You in Your Teaching?

Defining your classroom and inspiring students by honoring your own voice and interests

As I look around the classroom, I'm reminded of all the things I like about teaching. Photographs feature our ongoing service project, and displays highlight our unit on globalism. I've also created a modest space...
Author: Carolyn Bunting
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Going Beyond School

Going Beyond School

Connecting school and community in project-based learning

It's easy to stereotype "kids these days." Always on their phones, always taking selfies, tethered to a virtual world but disconnected from the real one. If you don't work with kids, or know what is happening in...
Author: Rachel Mark, Katy Farber
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Silent Mentoring

Silent Mentoring

A strategy to embrace all students

I started my teaching career in high school English for two years before I transitioned to middle school, or what I always referred to as teaching-topia. I taught seventh grade for nine years, and during that time I...
Author: Katie Novak
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When a Student is Grieving

When a Student is Grieving

National organization offers ongoing support to educators

The Coalition to Support Grieving Students is a unique collaboration of the leading professional organizations representing classroom educators (e.g., AFT and NEA), principals, administrators, student support...
Author: Coalition to Support Grieving Students
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Tags: Grief

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