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Bring on the Dog-and-Pony Show

Bring on the Dog-and-Pony Show

Approaching teacher evaluation from a variety of perspectives

The term dog-and-pony show, in reference to teacher evaluation, frequently denotes a false presentation by a teacher to demonstrate instruction that is only done for the sake of the evaluation. I understand the...
Author: Perry A. Finch
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Topics: Leadership
It's a "Selfie" Thing: The Role of Artifacts in Teacher Evaluation

It's a "Selfie" Thing: The Role of Artifacts in Teacher Evaluation

Don't be afraid to document your achievements as an effective instructor.

Most teachers have stood before a hiring committee with a portfolio of their "bests" awkwardly balanced between a table and hip while trying to make eye contact, ignore their own creaking dress shoes, and, of course,...
Author: Amber Chandler
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Topics: Teaching
Boosting Your Morale

Boosting Your Morale

Feeling defeated? Rekindle your passion for teaching.

We know we have the best job on earth: reaching and inspiring the minds and hearts of today’s youth, shaping the future with each young mind we educate. Yet, we all have days when we feel the tremendous pressure...
Author: Brooke B. Eisenbach, Jennifer M. Denmon, Taylor W. Sampson, Theresa Rice, & Camille A. Dayley
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