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Taking a Strengths-Based Perspective

Taking a Strengths-Based Perspective

Helping children with disabilities by supporting families

In my first years as a special education teacher, I taught a sixth grade student with Down Syndrome to tie her shoes. When her parent came to pick her up one afternoon, the student and I shared the good news. The...
Author: Danielle Mizuta
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College and Career Readiness for Special Needs Students

College and Career Readiness for Special Needs Students

Middle school teachers can change widespread "no-way" attitudes to "never-the-less" attitudes.

Thinking about career and college readiness for a sixth grader is a little too soon for some teachers and parents. As a parent, I felt hard-pressed to decide the future for my son when he entered the middle grades. He...
Author: Linda K. Schlosser
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The Power of Youth Leadership

The Power of Youth Leadership

Effective middle schools ensure all students have opportunities to lead.

Every day, millions of 10- to 15-year-old students walk through the doors of their middle schools with anticipation and great hopes for their future. Some will fall into leadership positions, but something so...
Author: Betty Edwards
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True Teamwork: Cohesive Co-Teaching

True Teamwork: Cohesive Co-Teaching

Sharing the classroom with another teacher can bring out the best in both of you.

When the phone rings in the middle of summer and you see your principal’s number coming across the screen, you can’t help but wonder, “What did I do?” A few years ago, when I answered such a...
Author: Samantha Dooley
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Perceptions of Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in the Middle School

Research Summary

Over the last several decades, discussion regarding the most appropriate methods for educating children with disabilities has abounded (Itkonen, 2007). The term inclusion arose as a result of this discussion, but,...
Author: Rebecca Kimbrough, Kate Mellen
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