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Struggling Readers and Content Area Text: Interactions with and Perceptions of Comprehension, Self, and Success

This year-long case study examines how a struggling reader in a sixth-grade social studies class, a seventh grade mathematics class, and an eighth grade science class "transacted" with the reading task demands of her...
Author: Leigh A. Hall
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Effective Science Instruction: Impact on High-Stakes Assessment Performance

This longitudinal prospective cohort study was conducted to determine the impact of effective science instruction on performance on high-stakes high school graduation assessments in science. This study provides...
Author: Carla C. Johnson, Danhui Zhang, Jane Butler Kahle
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Make Food Drives Come Alive!

Clever sculptures created from canned goods greeted folks on the walkway from the Providence, RI Convention Center to the Providence Place Mall. Angry Birds scowled at passersby, while a lobster attempted to escape...
Author: Jill Spencer
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Teaching Students Responsibility

For as long as humans have lived on Earth, generations of adults have bemoaned the lack of due diligence in the upcoming generation: "They're indifferent and don't work hard," they declare. "We have to teach them...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Comparison of Student Learning Outcomes in Middle School Science Classes with an STS Approach and a Typical Textbook Dominated Approach

The purpose of this study was to determine whether Science, Technology, and Society (STS) learning increases student concept mastery, general science achievement, use of concepts in new situations, and attitudes...
Author: Robert E. Yager, Hakan Akcay
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Calling for a "Timeout" on Rubrics and Grading Scales

We've been rubricizing everything students create these days: writing, reading comprehension, artwork, math problems, science labs, online practice, physical skills, collaboration, and even their degree of empathy for...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Putting Middle Grades Students on the Graduation Path: A Policy and Practice Brief

Putting Middle Grades Students on the Graduation Path: A Policy and Practice Brief

Research has shown that, particularly in high-poverty environments, students' middle grades experiences are critical in launching them toward achievement and attainment or placing them on a path of frustration,...
Author: Robert Balfanz
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5 Beginning Teachers, 10 Great Tips

5 Beginning Teachers, 10 Great Tips

Five new teachers share their strategies for success and sanity.

Novice classroom teachers offer a great deal to schools at all levels. They often bring creativity, a high level of energy, and new and effective ways to use technology. With that said, new teachers may experience...
Author: James Davis
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School-wide Agreement at Columbus Middle School

School-wide Agreement at Columbus Middle School

Sights and Sounds of Middle Level winner

Columbus (WI) Middle School students spent the first day of school with their homeroom teachers working to establish procedures getting to know one another. The most important part of the day, however, was...
Author: Paul Kurch, principal
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Welcoming Students to Middle School

Welcoming Students to Middle School

Pup Camp is a fun way to get kids ready for the transition into middle school.

"What if my child doesn’t know anyone?" "What if he gets lost?" "Who will help her open her locker?" These comments are typical of anxious parents whose child is preparing to transition into middle school. At...
Author: Karla J. Wienhold, Blaire M. White
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