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Keeping Students Engaged with Mini-Lessons

Keeping Students Engaged with Mini-Lessons

Quick lessons in the middle of class keep students active and focused.

“Class is over? Wow, that went fast!” That’s one of the biggest compliments a teacher can get. It means our students were engaged in their work. Research shows that the average young...
Author: Nichole Carter
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Topics: Teaching

3, 2, 1, Engage: The Carver Academy Mars Simulator

Students carry a stack of textbooks into the classroom and sit in their rows of desks. Mr. Jones pulls up his PowerPoint and leads the class through the content that will be on Friday's test. Next week will look...
Author: Jim Heston
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Get Away from Grading and Get Students Learning

Why do we grade? Is it to sort students by perceived ability? To measure learning? To engage students? To fail students, because not everyone can or should be successful? To satisfy parents and others in the...
Author: Paul Barnwell
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Ensuring Valid, Effective, Rigorous Assessments

Ensuring Valid, Effective, Rigorous Assessments

How can you ensure your assessments provide accurate feedback?

What's the best way to assess students' learning? During the past several years, we have developed a process that help us ensure we are using valid, effective, and rigorous assessments with our students—a...
Author: Nimisha H. Patel, David L. Herick
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Topics: Assessment

Teaching Fractions in Middle Grades Mathematics

Research Summary

Fractional concepts are important building blocks of elementary and middle school mathematics curriculum. Conceptually based instruction of fractions requires teachers to have a complete understanding of the subject...
Author: Z. Ebrar Yetkiner, Mary Margaret Capraro
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Sharing the WOW! Tips for Engaging Families

Sharing the WOW! Tips for Engaging Families

What's Wow! about your school? Effective middle level leaders rarely miss an opportunity to connect with families of current and potential students to tell the story of how their middle school positively affects the...
Author: Mike Dietz
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Effects of Interdisciplinary Teaching Team Configuration upon the Social Bonding of Middle School Students

This study compared two configurations of sixth-grade students and core teachers to measure the students' perceived levels of social bonding with their peers, their school, and their teachers. One configuration...
Author: John J. Wallace
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Group Work: Getting into Formation

Group Work: Getting into Formation

Middle grades teachers whose students are the most engaged in learning and the least disruptive are the teachers who make the most of student grouping. The most effective teachers in our building have four group...
Author: Erich May
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Topics: Teaching

Integrated Reading and Language Arts Instruction

The goal of the middle school organization is to create a learning environment that matches the developmental abilities and needs of young adolescents. This research attempts to operationalize that goal by integrating...
Author: Robert J. Stevens
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The Influence of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Eighth Grade Mathematics Achievement

The issue of lower than expected mathematics achievement is a concern to education leaders and policymakers at all levels of the U.S. PK–12 education system. The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental...
Author: Christopher H. Tienken, James A. Maher
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Topics: Research
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