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Soaring to New Heights

One of the primary goals of education is to encourage, support, and facilitate students' academic and personal achievement. Eighth grade students at Springville-Griffith Institute Middle School in Springville, New...
Author: Joseph Karb
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Filling Our Jars with Middle Level Rocks

Filling Our Jars with Middle Level Rocks

When I was young, my mother often asked me, "What are the big rocks in your life?" Before I could answer, she would lovingly pat my back or squeeze my hand and remind me to take my time and answer only after deep...
Author: Rajni Shankar-Brown
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Inclusion and Problem-Based Learning: Roles of Students in a Mixed-Ability Group

The literature on the use of problem-based learning in K–12 settings has traditionally focused on gifted and average students. However, mainstreaming is placing increasing numbers of students with special needs...
Author: Brian R. Belland, Krista D. Glazewski, Peggy A. Ertmer
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Reconciling Common Core State Standards

Reconciling Common Core State Standards

The balanced literacy model helps all students achieve in the face of the Common Core demands.

Common Core State Standards advocates contend that the standards provide consistent, clear targets of what students should learn. The standards, they say, are robust and relevant to the real world, with the ultimate...
Author: Darlene Schoenly
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Ideas to Help Students Develop Higher-Order Questions

Ideas to Help Students Develop Higher-Order Questions

As a middle grades teacher, there are certain questions from your students that you see coming: Why are we doing this? Is this for a grade? When is this due? Can we work with a partner? Is it lunch yet? And then...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Topics: Teaching
Making a Difference with At-risk Students: The Benefits of a Mentoring Program in Middle School

Making a Difference with At-risk Students: The Benefits of a Mentoring Program in Middle School

As students in middle school encounter and struggle with social and emotional changes that occur during this transitionary period to adulthood, many educators seek to help students develop skills and...
Author: Suzanne F. Lindt, Cody Blair
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Social Media for Middle Level Classrooms

Research Summary

Seventh grade teacher Elizabeth Delmatoff piloted a social media program in her Portland, Oregon classroom. By the end of the year, 20% of students school-wide were completing additional assignments for no credit,...
Author: Alicia Wenzel, Ken Carano
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We Have to Prepare Students for the Next Level, Don't We?

Some universities blame the poor academic performance of their young adult students on the poor quality instruction they think students received in high schools. High schools blame the middle schools, middle schools...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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The Nature of Middle Level

The Nature of Middle Level

Transition and Change

It is difficult for me to look at an autumn leaf and not think about Greek mythology. There is an undeniable connection between the rich reds, auburns, ambers, and crimsons of fall and the ancient gods and goddesses....

Using Classroom Management to Close the Achievement Gap

While observing in several classrooms recently, I noticed teachers who had outstanding lesson plans, but many of their students had other plans—texting, engaging in sidebars, talking out, and engaging in other...
Author: Charles Beaman
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