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Transitions to/from Middle School

Welcoming Students to Middle School

Welcoming Students to Middle School

Pup Camp is a fun way to get kids ready for the transition into middle school.

"What if my child doesn’t know anyone?" "What if he gets lost?" "Who will help her open her locker?" These comments are typical of anxious parents whose child is preparing to transition into middle school. At...
Author: Karla J. Wienhold, Blaire M. White
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Incoming! Tackling the Transition to High School

Incoming! Tackling the Transition to High School

A successful student transition to high school requires thoughtful, deliberate action.

As Brandon walked into the counselor suite he seemed a bit nervous. He had been a freshman at Bellaire High School for nine weeks, and he was still finding his way. His pants were stained and his t-shirt and light...
Author: Michael McDonough, Debbie Campbell, Trish Magilke
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Transition by Design: The Power of Vertical Teams

Transition by Design: The Power of Vertical Teams

Multilevel collaboration helps students succeed at all academic levels.

Students’ middle school experience plays a key role in their success in high school and beyond—we know that. But less well-known is how an innovative strategy called vertical teaming can help young...
Author: Linda Schlosser
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Joining Forces for Good: Middle School/High School Collaboration

Joining Forces for Good: Middle School/High School Collaboration

Middle school and high school students collaborate on a hands-on service-learning project.

The transition to or from middle school can be smooth for some, but those of us who serve in a middle school know just how stressful these moves can be for a large percentage of our students. Students worry about...
Author: Vonda Beavers
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Moving from the Middle

Moving from the Middle

Transition programs should address the procedural, social, and academic aspects of the move to high school.

The middle-to-high-school transition is fraught with stressful challenges. Principal among them is the change in school environments. Many students move from middle schools organized into interdisciplinary teams of...
Author: Cheryl R. Ellerbrock, Jennifer M. Denmon, Bridget Mahoney, Michael Dicicco, & Laura Sabella
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Smooth Sailing to Middle School

Smooth Sailing to Middle School

Action, articulation, and activities provide a framework for the transition to middle school.

Fear of the unknown—or fear based on a false belief—is one barrier fifth graders and their parents face as they make the transition to middle school. When this barrier is removed, students can embrace the...
Author: Joy Jameson Lea
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The Nature of Middle Level

The Nature of Middle Level

Transition and Change

It is difficult for me to look at an autumn leaf and not think about Greek mythology. There is an undeniable connection between the rich reds, auburns, ambers, and crimsons of fall and the ancient gods and goddesses....
Peer Power

Peer Power

Educators can leverage the power of peers to help students prepare for college

Once seen as the domain of school counselors, college readiness is now a shared responsibility among all educators, as well as family members, youth workers, and students themselves. It’s not surprising then,...
Author: Suzanne M. Bouffard & Mandy Savitz-Romer
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Early Predictors of School Performance Declines at School Transition Points

This longitudinal study followed students (n =265) from kindergarten through seventh grade and examined early social and academic predictors of school performance at two normative school transitions. Questions...
Author: Diane Malaspina, Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman
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Help Students Transition to High School Smoothly

The move from middle to high school stirs up many emotions for young adolescents, ranging from excitement and anticipation to fear and anxiety. It is natural for students to have numerous concerns related to the...
Author: Cheryl R. Ellerbrock
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