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Blog About It!

Blog About It!

Argumentative writing in the ELA classroom

How do educators continue to reflect on their own teaching while preparing students to be career and college ready with 21st century skills and higher order thinking skills? The call for integrating technology into...
Author: Maria Pesce Stasaitis
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Middle School Matters!

Middle School Matters!

When a whole school district decides to make middle level education a priority, amazing things happen

The relatively low priority for middle level education is a nearly universal condition particularly well known to those engaged in educating young adolescents. These passionate educators are committed to pouring...
Author: Andrew Maxey
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Making School Work Right

Making School Work Right

An update on a district-wide transformation of middle level education and technology for learning

In our article titled "Transforming Middle School Practice Through Instructional Technology," we shared how our district has approached systematic growth by intertwining twin focuses on middle level education and...
Author: Andrew Maxey, Elizabeth Hancock
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Diving into 3D Technology

Diving into 3D Technology

Students build and print objects while developing proportional reasoning and technology skills

Each year we explore new and innovative ways to teach middle grades students the foundational concepts and skills they need for algebra such as proportional reasoning. This year, we engaged students in a scale...
Author: Michele Ough, Sarah B. Bush
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Tags: Math

STEM in the Middle Grades

Research Summary

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education continues to emphasize the teaching of skills that are relevant to today's information driven economy (Jamali, Nurulazam Md Zain, Samsudin & Ale...
Author: Premkumar Pugalenthi, Alisa B. Wickliff, David K. Pugalee
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Transforming Middle School Practice Through Instructional Technology

Transforming Middle School Practice Through Instructional Technology

Understanding the middle school learner as the basis for implementing a district-wide digital transformation

In December 2015, the Tuscaloosa City Schools Board of Education approved the superintendent's strategic plan, a broadly ambitious plan that prioritized capital improvements, human resources, and curriculum and...
Author: Andrew Maxey, Elizabeth Hancock
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Tags: PLCs
Laptops: A Tool to Improve Reading Comprehension

Laptops: A Tool to Improve Reading Comprehension

How one South Texas school district is taking middle school reading comprehension to another level

Nearly six million middle school students today are reading below grade level—a shocking number. The National Center for Education Statistics' 2017 report, The Nation's Report Card: Mathematics and Reading...
Author: Maridale Still, Cynthia Cummings, Tilisa Thibodeaux, L. Kay Abernathy
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Redefining Learning Without Computers

Redefining Learning Without Computers

Repurposing available tools in new and innovative ways to transform learning

We've all had those days when technology doesn't cooperate, leaving that innovative lesson plan we've worked so hard on to fall apart. I crafted a differentiated lesson using a popular web-based educational technology...
Author: Ellen Gessert
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Let's Make a Video

Let's Make a Video

Developing communication and leadership skills through community engagement

During the middle school years young adolescents not only become aware of the changes associated with physical and emotional maturity, but they also adjust to new learning standards and expectations. The goals of...
Author: Paulina Rodgers
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Engaging Girls in STEM

Engaging Girls in STEM

Three things middle level educators can do to encourage more girls to engage in STEM

The movie Hidden Figures, the story of four African American women working at NASA in the 1960s, has reinvigorated the role of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers. Although women comprise...
Author: Sonya Hayes
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