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Dr. Brodsky's formal education culminated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration from New York University (1992). He has received various honors including Supervisor of the Year in Special Education and Educator of the Year in Special Education. In addition, Dr. Brodsky has served as president of several professional organizations including the International Council for Learning Disabilities, Administrators Roundtable Association (New York University), New York State Council for Learning Disabilities and the Jericho Supervisors Association.

After a thirty-six year career in public education, primarily as an administrator at the middle school level in the Jericho School District, Dr. Brodsky became a scheduling consultant. In that role he has worked directly with over three hundred and fifty schools, around the country, helping them implement their educational philosophies. Currently he is working with the Executive leadership Institute of New York City as a Scheduling Consultant providing workshops, mentoring and coaching New York City administrators. He has also spoken at numerous conferences and seminars, including AMLE, NASSP, and NELMS on the topic of school scheduling.

In his work with school leaders, directly and through conferences and seminars, he has offered professional development and mentoring for the design and construction of cost-effective schedules built from the needs of each individual student and aimed at fostering the highest levels of achievement. He has also stressed the integration of students with special needs and the ability of staff to select varied models that best foster the success of their students. Finally, as evidenced in his presentations for AMLE and other organizations and in a visit to any of the schools he has mentored, his work continues to foster the belief that systemic change is essential and that school leaders can implement change in programs and schedules in order to maximize student growth.

Dr. Brodsky maintains that middle schools can foster the highest levels of student growth by moving to innovative scheduling models and stimulating the highest levels of teacher performance.

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