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Transforming Middle School Practice Through Instructional Technology

Transforming Middle School Practice Through Instructional Technology

Understanding the middle school learner as the basis for implementing a district-wide digital transformation

In December 2015, the Tuscaloosa City Schools Board of Education approved the superintendent's strategic plan, a broadly ambitious plan that prioritized capital improvements, human resources, and curriculum and...
Author: Andrew Maxey, Elizabeth Hancock
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Tags: PLCs
Laptops: A Tool to Improve Reading Comprehension

Laptops: A Tool to Improve Reading Comprehension

How one South Texas school district is taking middle school reading comprehension to another level

Nearly six million middle school students today are reading below grade level—a shocking number. The National Center for Education Statistics' 2017 report, The Nation's Report Card: Mathematics and Reading...
Author: Maridale Still, Cynthia Cummings, Tilisa Thibodeaux, L. Kay Abernathy
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Redefining Learning Without Computers

Redefining Learning Without Computers

Repurposing available tools in new and innovative ways to transform learning

We've all had those days when technology doesn't cooperate, leaving that innovative lesson plan we've worked so hard on to fall apart. I crafted a differentiated lesson using a popular web-based educational technology...
Author: Ellen Gessert
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Let's Make a Video

Let's Make a Video

Developing communication and leadership skills through community engagement

During the middle school years young adolescents not only become aware of the changes associated with physical and emotional maturity, but they also adjust to new learning standards and expectations. The goals of...
Author: Paulina Rodgers
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Engaging Girls in STEM

Engaging Girls in STEM

Three things middle level educators can do to encourage more girls to engage in STEM

The movie Hidden Figures, the story of four African American women working at NASA in the 1960s, has reinvigorated the role of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) careers. Although women comprise...
Author: Sonya Hayes
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The Role of Learning Management Systems in Middle Schools

The Role of Learning Management Systems in Middle Schools

How an LMS supports learning, communication, and collaboration

Schools are incessantly faced with implementing new initiatives and programs. Clickers in the classroom! Use cell phones! One-to-one laptops! Online textbooks! Communicate with parents digitally! The list is...
Author: Kelly Backenstoe, Kimberley Krempasky
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The Hidden Benefits of Video Games, Part 2

The Hidden Benefits of Video Games, Part 2

How video games can help students develop important life skills

This is part 2 in a two-part series on the benefits of video games both in and out of the classroom. Part 1 covers practice and patience, teamwork, socializing, and leadership. Business Acumen While Monopoly may be...
Author: Clark Godshall, LaVonna Roth
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Blended Learning

Moving Beyond Tech-Rich Classrooms

Imagine being tasked with teaching a class of restless adolescents, all of whom have different learning styles, strengths, interests, and needs. Or perhaps this daunting scenario is not so farfetched at all. A team...
Author: Kristi McGrath Schmidt
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Google Can Do What? Five Activities to Engage Students

Google Apps, now called G Suite, is really catching on in classrooms around the United States and beyond. But the way we think about its tools, such as Docs, Sheets, or Slides, is stuck in first gear. It is easy for...
Author: Matt Miller
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Distance Learning: The Wave of the Future

Distance Learning: The Wave of the Future

Students collaborate from afar using online tools.

Geographically, it did not make sense. Middletown and Pocomoke Middle Schools, both located in Maryland, are approximately 200 miles away, and students in both classrooms were discussing the same piece of literature....
Author: Brian Cook, Kristi Schmidt, Katherine Shaffer
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