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"Hands-Joined" Projects

"Hands-Joined" Projects

A framework for co-developing projects with teachers and students.

Ask a middle school teacher to explain why student-centered projects are a logical choice for young adolescents and you are bound to hear about the numerous ways in which these projects provide students with...
Author: Jessica Demink-Carthew, Jeremy DeMink
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How do I help students develop the ability to engage in self-assessment? What can we do?

A teacher's ability to facilitate self-assessment and student reflection on (independent of you) is essential during the middle grades years. Self-assessment is a student's ability to check and understand his or her...
Author: Kristie Smith
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Doing What's Best for Students

What's best for students? I hear this question repeatedly in schools, yet day-to-day responsibilities often seems to get in the way of answering and fulfilling this promise. Best practices tell us that the more...
Author: Liz James
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Creating Makers, Not Spaces

Creating Makers, Not Spaces

Move the desks out of the way, pull up a piece of rug, and invent something using the engineering process and leftover parts. Just like anything else, the Internet provides a plethora of ideas to define and design...
Author: Frank Pileiro, Frank Rudnesky, Peter Davis
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Helping Students Become a Better Version of Themselves

Helping Students Become a Better Version of Themselves

As a family and consumer science teacher at the middle school level, the Lead2Feed Student Leadership Program lessons seem to blend seamlessly into my curriculum. Some of the major units of family and consumer...
Author: Allison Silverman
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Five Education Strategies to Reach the "Touchscreen" Generation

Five Education Strategies to Reach the "Touchscreen" Generation

Just when you thought you understood the "Touch Screen Generation" today, they get even younger on you. In a recent publication of the Journal, Pediatrics, researchers found "almost universal exposure" to tablets and...
Author: Tim Elmore
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The Nation's Largest Civic Education Project

The nation's oldest, largest, and most successful voter education project

You're invited to participate in the National Student/Parent Mock Election, the nation's largest civic education project, and the world's largest national mock election. And it's entirely free. Since 1980, more than...
Author: Gloria Kirshner
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Enhancing the Social and Psychological Development of Young Adolescents

Enhancing the Social and Psychological Development of Young Adolescents

Addressing the social and psychological development of young adolescents is critical.

How are you addressing the social and psychological development of your middle grades students? The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) legislation caused many schools to place an enormous emphasis on promoting academic...
Author: David E. Bartz
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Making Meaning with Films

Making Meaning with Films

Films can—and should—be more than time-killers in your classroom.

We all know the stereotypical image of the teacher who, tired of direct instruction, dims the lights, turns on the DVD player, and sits quietly while students stare at the screen. The problem here is not that students...
Author: Jason D. DeHart
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Enhance Your Web Browsing Experience!

As educators, we search for tools to improve efficiencies, increase engagement, and assist students in their learning processes. Working in a school that utilizes the Google Apps for Education suite, I discovered that...
Author: Autumn DeGroot
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