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When I Call Your Name … Encouraging Students to Do Their Homework

When I Call Your Name … Encouraging Students to Do Their Homework

The element of surprise can go a long way in the classroom.

"We had homework?" I cringed every time I heard that question as students entered my classroom that first year. Even today, I view homework as a somewhat controversial topic: Is it beneficial? Do students...
Author: Emily Deforest
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The Value of Homework

The Value of Homework

Homework or not? This is a dilemma teachers struggle with every year and a topic that is tackled in an article in the September issue of AMLE Magazine. I think we all agree that homework should not be assigned just...
Author: Johanna Ibarra
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Question? To assign homework or not to assign homework? To grade homework or not to grade homework? Educators, parents, students—they all have an opinion. So, what is the value of homework and should it be...
Author: Cathy Vatterott, Lee Jenkins, and Larry Sandomir
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Parent Perceptions and Recommendations about Homework Involving Wikis and Blogs

Middle grades parents share their views of online homework assignments.

Homework is an important way for teachers to develop relationships with their students' parents and other caregivers. The learning activities teachers assign for homework provide parents a window into the content and...
Author: Christine A. Portier, Shelley Stagg Peterson, Zelia Capitao-Tavares, & Kamla Rambaran
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Teaming Up on Homework

Kids hate homework, parents expect homework, and teachers give homework. But is homework necessary for achievement or academic success? "Homework remains one of the biggest challenges and concerns facing teachers...
Author: Kimberly Campbell
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