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The Transition from Middle School to High School for Students in Special Education

The Transition from Middle School to High School for Students in Special Education

Committing to a transition program and focusing on relationship-building

The transition from middle school to high school brings many changes and challenges for all students. The educational and personal changes that occur during this period of time for students in special education need...
Author: Nickolas D. Wanamaker
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Whipping Up Wonders with Co-Teaching

Whipping Up Wonders with Co-Teaching

Ideas for making co-teaching more effective in the middle grades

Co-teaching can be compared to preparing a savory meal for others. Every meal has some basic components: a chef who prepares it, ingredients, preparation time, and delivery. What makes the meal delicious, and not a...
Author: Shawn Hemminger
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Tags: Inclusion
Taking a Strengths-Based Perspective

Taking a Strengths-Based Perspective

Helping children with disabilities by supporting families

In my first years as a special education teacher, I taught a sixth grade student with Down Syndrome to tie her shoes. When her parent came to pick her up one afternoon, the student and I shared the good news. The...
Author: Danielle Mizuta
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College and Career Readiness for Special Needs Students

College and Career Readiness for Special Needs Students

Middle school teachers can change widespread "no-way" attitudes to "never-the-less" attitudes.

Thinking about career and college readiness for a sixth grader is a little too soon for some teachers and parents. As a parent, I felt hard-pressed to decide the future for my son when he entered the middle grades. He...
Author: Linda K. Schlosser
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True Teamwork: Cohesive Co-Teaching

True Teamwork: Cohesive Co-Teaching

Sharing the classroom with another teacher can bring out the best in both of you.

When the phone rings in the middle of summer and you see your principal’s number coming across the screen, you can’t help but wonder, “What did I do?” A few years ago, when I answered such a...
Author: Samantha Dooley
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Tags: Inclusion

Inclusion and Problem-Based Learning: Roles of Students in a Mixed-Ability Group

The literature on the use of problem-based learning in K–12 settings has traditionally focused on gifted and average students. However, mainstreaming is placing increasing numbers of students with special needs...
Author: Brian R. Belland, Krista D. Glazewski, Peggy A. Ertmer
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Should Middle School Students with Learning Problems Copy and Paste Notes from the Internet? Mixed-Methods Evidence of Study Barriers

In the experimental phase of this mixed-methods study, 49 middle school students receiving special education services took notes from the Internet under either a written notes or a copy-and-paste notes condition....
Author: L. Brent Igo, Roger A. Brunning, Paul J. Riccomini
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Perceptions of Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in the Middle School

Research Summary

Over the last several decades, discussion regarding the most appropriate methods for educating children with disabilities has abounded (Itkonen, 2007). The term inclusion arose as a result of this discussion, but,...
Author: Rebecca Kimbrough, Kate Mellen
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A Quick Guide for Inclusion Teachers of LD Students

A Quick Guide for Inclusion Teachers of LD Students

With budget cuts right and left—many aimed at special education—it’s likely that regular education teachers are or soon will be the only instructors for students with learning disabilities. In fact, the 26th...
Author: Kathryn Scarborough
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A Strong Commitment to Student Success

In December 2007, Walled Lake Consolidated Schools in Michigan faced a dilemma: how to revise the 30-year-old pre-referral process that identified students for special education services. The old process—Student...
Author: Lora E. Stout, Carol-Lyn McKelvey, and Susan Matz
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