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It's More Than Books

It's More Than Books

Making connections with sports in the middle school classroom

When I taught middle school language arts, one of my students, Matthew, would complain that he was not able to give an explanation about or summarize the poems we were reading in class. However, every Monday he would...
Author: Pamela H. Segal, Montana K. McCormick
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Topics: Teaching
Laptops: A Tool to Improve Reading Comprehension

Laptops: A Tool to Improve Reading Comprehension

How one South Texas school district is taking middle school reading comprehension to another level

Nearly six million middle school students today are reading below grade level—a shocking number. The National Center for Education Statistics' 2017 report, The Nation's Report Card: Mathematics and Reading...
Author: Maridale Still, Cynthia Cummings, Tilisa Thibodeaux, L. Kay Abernathy
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Student Agency

Research Summary

A typical middle school classroom includes young adolescents with a range of skills, interests, abilities, and personalities. One student may relate any topic of study to a favorite sport or video game. Another...
Author: Amanda Wall, Dixie Massey, Margaret Vaughn
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Topics: Research
Let's Make a Video

Let's Make a Video

Developing communication and leadership skills through community engagement

During the middle school years young adolescents not only become aware of the changes associated with physical and emotional maturity, but they also adjust to new learning standards and expectations. The goals of...
Author: Paulina Rodgers
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Redefining the End Goal

Redefining the End Goal

Seven ways educators can help students look beyond grades

"There's no way I'm taking honors biology next year," Katie told me. "It's going to wreck my GPA." She was in eighth grade and contemplating the high school course options. I knew Katie collected insects for fun...
Author: Phyllis L. Fagell
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Middle Level Students: The Unified Generation

Middle Level Students: The Unified Generation

Help our students with and without intellectual disabilities lead the way to socially inclusive schools

Exclusion, discrimination, bullying—all are in the headlines on a daily basis, but change is ahead. It is time for an inclusion revolution, and our middle level students can help lead the way by becoming part of...
Author: Betty Edwards, Leigha Bannon
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Grit and Growth Mindset: Deficit Thinking?

Grit and Growth Mindset: Deficit Thinking?

Examining the cultural narrative around these ideologies

As with most things in education, context can be everything. A skill taught in isolation from meaningful context, for example, is rarely learned, and often becomes grist for blaming the student for his lack of...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Let It Go

Let It Go

Create an instructional shift by letting go of these dated mentalities

"Student-centered" is just one set of new buzzwords in the education world. I remember sitting in a professional development session watching a video of students conducting the class with very little input from the...
Author: Vanessa Gibson
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Topics: Teaching
The Boy in the Middle

The Boy in the Middle

The social, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs of middle schoolers

The Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) emphasizes that attending to the social, intellectual, emotional, and physical needs and assets of middle school children is central to their intellectual development....
Author: Daniel M. Levin, Molly Mee
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Surviving High Seas

Surviving High Seas

Helping students succeed by becoming aware of their own thought processes

Harsh skies at noon mirror the deep, stormy sea. Winds scream at tumultuously rolling peaks and valleys. Tossing ship and tumbled crew groan in unison. The captain shouts through the chaos, "Look lively, mates. You've...
Author: Rebecca Kordatzky
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Topics: Teaching

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