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Professional Preparation

Forging Partnerships Outside the Classroom

Sometimes teaching can cause tunnel vision. Teachers often look inside their school district, building, or classroom for resources to help their students learn, neglecting the partnerships outside the immediate school...
Author: Robin Dever
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The Hidden Curriculum of Middle School

The Hidden Curriculum of Middle School

Two years ago our school underwent a reorganization to create a designated middle school. Previously the school was split into two parts: Lower School which included Montessori sixth grade and Upper School which was...
Getting to Know Your Students: Inside Room 801

Getting to Know Your Students: Inside Room 801

With more testing than ever in years past, I realized that I was forgoing the most important part of my job description, which was getting to know my students. One lazy Saturday morning, an idea came to me while...
Author: Brooke Iverson
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Becoming a Teacher

Becoming a Teacher

Finding your niche and keeping the passion.

Do you remember your first day of college? I do. It was fall 2011 and I had arrived at Bowling Green State University to major in adolescent to young adult education, which covered grades 7–12. I showed up...
Author: Delaney F. Buechner
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5 Beginning Teachers, 10 Great Tips

5 Beginning Teachers, 10 Great Tips

Five new teachers share their strategies for success and sanity.

Novice classroom teachers offer a great deal to schools at all levels. They often bring creativity, a high level of energy, and new and effective ways to use technology. With that said, new teachers may experience...
Author: James Davis
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Previewing Life as a Middle Grades Teacher

Previewing Life as a Middle Grades Teacher

Before they ever step into their very own classroom, middle school educators should have a realistic picture of the characteristics that make up effective middle level education and the unique qualities of young...
Author: Gahan Bailey
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Preservice Teachers Are Creating a College Culture for At-Risk Middle School Students

This mid-point report from a seven-year study about building a college culture investigates how a multifaceted approach including mentoring, technology, campus visits, parent involvement, and tutoring impacts at-risk...
Author: Rich Radcliffe, Liz C. Stephens
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Joining Forces for the Future

Joining Forces for the Future

Collaboration is one of the essential attributes of successful middle grades schools. The benefits of working together are apparent in the joint efforts of a small midwestern college and an urban middle school to...