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Magic in the Classroom

Magic in the Classroom

The power of reflections and experiences for a professor returning to the classroom

At last year's AMLE Annual Conference for Middle Level Education, I was surrounded by passionate, knowledgeable preservice and inservice teachers, veteran and new administrators, and early career and retired...
Author: Nancy Ruppert
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Leading Your Own Learning through Personal Learning Networks

Leading Your Own Learning through Personal Learning Networks

As an educator, you feel each day the endless demands of your time, attention, and effort. And in the midst of all that is required of you for your students, parents, and others, you still need to find the time to...
Author: Ryan M. Rich
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Awards Honor the Middle Level Heritage

Awards Honor the Middle Level Heritage

Awards given by the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE) include the John H. Lounsbury Distinguished Service Award and the Educator of the Year (formerly the Distinguished Educator Award). Conversation about...
Author: Pamela Millikan
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Cognitive Coaching: Training for All Teachers

Assessment expert Dylan Wiliam says that student thinking is the primary goal for descriptive feedback. He contrasts that goal with what often happens when teachers use judgement instead of feedback with students:...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Professional Learning Communities: A Kaleidoscope of Opportunities

A kaleidoscope contains mirrors and colored glass, pebbles, or beads whose reflections create complex patterns of frequently changing colors and shapes when rotated. The vibrant and intricate images, generated by...
Author: Kathleen McCaffrey
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Tags: PLCs
Passion is not enough: Preparing middle level preservice teachers to be advocates for change

Passion is not enough: Preparing middle level preservice teachers to be advocates for change

Each year, thousands of middle grades preservice teachers assume their places in classrooms across the country, through practica, internships, and student teaching experiences. Over 600 U.S. colleges or universities...
Author: Jessica DeMink-Carthew, Penny A. Bishop
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Partnering for Success

The excitement in the room is palpable. Teams of middle grades students are engaged in a fingerprinting lab to gather evidence for identifying the likely culprit in a forensics project, "Who Kidnapped Thunder?",...
Author: Sandy Webb
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Through the years, I've developed some successful strategies I'd like to share with my colleagues outside my school. Suggestions? What can I do?

Peer-to-peer sharing is one of our most meaningful and effective kinds of professional development—and it's so easy to do. Whether it's presenting at a meeting or conference, writing an article, or participating...
Author: Patricia George
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EdCamp: Do It Yourself Professional Development

EdCamp: Do It Yourself Professional Development

The unconference is targeted, personalized professional development at its best.

It's three o'clock in the afternoon on a contractually required professional development meeting day and teachers are beginning to shuffle into a session offered by their school district. The presenter is passionate...
Author: Brian Cook
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"Sometimes we are so focused on our teams and PLCs that we don't establish relationships with other teachers around the school. Any ideas for promoting schoolwide relationships and collaboration?"

Cultivating, building, and sustaining relationships is not guaranteed in all learning environments; however, just as we help students develop cooperative and communication skills, we can adopt and hone collaborative...
Author: Sandy Cameli
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