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Using the Teacher-Based Team Process to Raise Teacher Voice

Using the Teacher-Based Team Process to Raise Teacher Voice

Teacher collaboration and shared decision-making.

In the midst of monumental changes and innovative learning strategies, raising the degree of teacher voice in our schools is needed now more than ever. While many improvement processes and strategies have come on the...
Author: Neil Gupta
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Forging Partnerships Outside the Classroom

Sometimes teaching can cause tunnel vision. Teachers often look inside their school district, building, or classroom for resources to help their students learn, neglecting the partnerships outside the immediate school...
Author: Robin Dever
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Lunchroom Lessons for Leaders

In the midst of a busy morning arrival time, a few middle school students greeted me as I walked through the crowded hallway toward the room in which my meeting was being held. "Sup Dr. W. Are you coming to our...
Author: Nikki Woodson
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Leadership: Three Emotional Mind Traps

Leadership: Three Emotional Mind Traps

How can you determine if your decisions are colored by emotion?

Have you ever: Made a decision that backfired? Thought that hindsight is 20/20? Wished you had made a different decision? As they share in their February 3, 2009, Harvard Business...
Author: Ruby K. Payne
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Food for Thought: The 16 Characteristics of an Effective and Amazing Middle School

Every one and every school has a story made up of ingredients. When I taught Basic English in Harrisonburg, Virginia, I often had food on my mind. It wasn't because I was particularly hungry or because I was creating...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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For decades, the battle between true middle level education and financial shortcuts has raged. Isn't it time that what's best for kids wins this battle?

The conflict between doing more with less and doing what is right and just for young adolescents is a difficult one for middle level educators to confront. For example, when district leaders determine that program...
Author: Tom Burton
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Embracing the Journey: Five Leadership Principles

Embracing the Journey: Five Leadership Principles

Bringing effective leadership to a new school in Luxembourg.

When Atert-Lycèe Redange, a middle-secondary school in Luxembourg, opened its doors in 2008 to 360 students, Claude Boever's dream became a reality. Today, the school serves 1,200 students on a pristine campus...
Author: Michael Chirichello
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Can Fantasy Football Boost Teacher Morale?

Can Fantasy Football Boost Teacher Morale?

At a middle school in Texas, a fantasy football league was a win for the entire school.

Finding simple ways to boost teacher morale on a limited budget isn't easy. Surprisingly, fantasy football or another similar competitive multi-person activity might be the answer. The Fantasy Sports Trade...
Author: Scott Ryan, Kaye Shelton
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Leading with the Student Voice

Leading with the Student Voice

Recently, in response to a group of middle school students who asked about my journey to becoming a school leader, I recalled my 23-year journey to being awarded my Ph.D. in 2004 and my mother's sage advice. I...
Author: Nikki Woodson
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Making Tough Technology Decisions

Making Tough Technology Decisions

Experts weigh in on keys to making effective decisions about technology.

No school districts want to be featured on the nightly news because of their poor choices in technology decisions or for implementing technology plans that end up wasting the taxpayers' dollars. But technology...
Author: Sandra Wozniak
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