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Avoiding Face Plants: Communicating for Understanding

Avoiding Face Plants: Communicating for Understanding

Have you ever fallen flat on your face?

In 2013, a video of a father and two daughters doing a trust fall went viral. In and of itself, a trust fall—when you close your eyes and fall backward, trusting the person/people behind you will catch...
Author: Tom Burton
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Building STEAM in Your School

Building STEAM in Your School

Turning up the heat to prepare students for the future.

At Berwick Alternative School, we began building STEAM last year—this year we're moving full STEAM ahead! Berwick, a K–8 school in Columbus, Ohio, has enjoyed a strong legacy of success; however, our...
Author: Natalie Grayson
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Confronting Our Assumptions and Biases

When my wife and I were thinking of names for our children, and yes, our dogs, they were difficult conversations. As you probably understand, some of the students I've taught through the years were particularly rough...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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Valuing the Conversations

Valuing the Conversations

A principal's informal conversations helped guide a school's priorities

I began my tenure as principal at West Rowan Middle School in the Rowan-Salisbury School District in July 2015. As a newly hired principal, I maintain a keen focus on the school goals in our school improvement plan...
Author: Derek L. McCoy
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Charting the Success  of a Charter School

Charting the Success of a Charter School

Education reaches beyond the walls of this charter school.

To produce the level of competency in our students that not only allows them to succeed individually but spurs them to be contributing members of society, we must develop our students' gifts and talents to their...
Author: Sandra Sutherland
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A Vision for Experimental Middle Schools Today

A Vision for Experimental Middle Schools Today

The best schools are those that continue to experiment.

The term "middle school" is an unassuming part of the vernacular of our educational system. During the past 50 years, middle schools have come to represent what is now the typical organization of schools for grades...
Author: Robert Messia
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International Perspectives on Middle Level Education

International Perspectives on Middle Level Education

Working collaboratively to create and sustain effective middle schools.

Harrington Emmerson, a U.S. efficiency engineer and business theorist, said, "The man who knows how will always have a job. The man who also knows why will always be his boss. As to methods there may be a million and...
Author: Robert Harrison
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International Lessons on Leadership

The best leaders learn as much as they can about those who are different than they are. The more we experience different countries, cultures, languages, religions, and people, the broader our world view becomes and...
Author: Nikki Woodson
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Welcoming Highly Mobile Students

Welcoming Highly Mobile Students

Making students who move from school to school feel welcome.

A Florida newspaper reporter asked me what life is like for the student who moves three or more times a year. So I gave him this scenario, and the conversation developed from there: A Typical Scenario You are a...
Author: Ruby K. Payne
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Mixing Up the Teams: All Students Deserve the Very Best

Mixing Up the Teams: All Students Deserve the Very Best

Why tracking based on ability means everyone loses.

Let's say we have two soccer teams. One is populated by all of the strongest, fastest, toughest, athletic students. These kids attend practice every day after school and work out on their own in the evenings and on...
Author: Krista Venza, Nancy Doda, Robert Salladino, Jonathan Treese
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