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End-of-Year Closure Ideas

End-of-Year Closure Ideas

A powerful gift of reflection and learning for teachers and students

I’m sure you’ve heard the following statements recently: No crisis should ever go to waste. Make the most of every opportunity. Crisis either makes you or breaks you; creates you or destroys...
Author: LeAnn Nickelsen
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Topics: Teaching
Blog About It!

Blog About It!

Argumentative writing in the ELA classroom

How do educators continue to reflect on their own teaching while preparing students to be career and college ready with 21st century skills and higher order thinking skills? The call for integrating technology into...
Author: Maria Pesce Stasaitis
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Help! My Students Write Like They Text!

Help! My Students Write Like They Text!

Using code-switching to improve writing

IMHO, LOL, OIC, OMG. If you've recently graded middle school or high school writing, chances are you've read terms like these; or my favorite, "wtf - idk" which also happened to be an answer on a student's quiz. As a...
Author: Jennifer French
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Writing as Inspiration in Math Class

Writing as Inspiration in Math Class

Using the power of words to explore math content, careers, and self-reflection

Reading and writing are powerful learning tools that can be used effectively in the math classroom to draw connections between mathematics and its application to the other school disciplines and the real world....
Author: Alessandra King
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Topics: STEMTeaching
Throwing a Curve at Teaching Literacy

Throwing a Curve at Teaching Literacy

Write on Sports summer camps blend sports and literacy with authentic, individualized learning

One of the many reasons teaching is a unique profession is that there is a finite beginning and end to each year. After bidding farewell to outgoing students, we have a summer vacation that provides us with time to...
Author: Andy Beutel
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Moving from Telling Our Stories to Inviting Stories

Moving from Telling Our Stories to Inviting Stories

The importance of getting beyond writing that argues, informs, or narrates

From kindergarten through twelfth grade, students learn to make an argument, convey information, and narrate a series of events (NGA Center for Best Practices & CCSSO, 2010). Every year, it's just those three...
Author: Lauren Porosoff
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Tags: Writing
Changing the Narrative

Changing the Narrative

Literacy as sustaining practice in every classroom

Régine recently decided to plant a flower garden. A friend, who was also a master gardener, volunteered to help. Immediately, this friend began talking about how plants create "themes" in a garden. Would...
Author: Regine Randall, Joseph Marangell
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Reader Response in All Disciplines

Reader Response in All Disciplines

Scaffolding writing-to-learn by teaching reader response strategies before, during, and after reading

Much of the writing we assign our students is public writing—writing to communicate with others. Writing-to-learn is personal writing, writing that helps students increase their comprehension of texts in all...
Author: Lesley Roessing
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Authentic Audience, Wonderful Writing

Authentic Audience, Wonderful Writing

A teacher's guide to planning a high-interest, engaging writing project

Three years ago an eighth grade class of mine had a blog project called "Dear Terrorist" where students researched their topics and wrote letters to anyone considering (or participating in) a decision that could harm...
Author: Dominic Carrillo
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Addressing Writer's Block Through Physical Movement

Addressing Writer's Block Through Physical Movement

Encouraging student thinking and writing with opportunities for movement.

Almost all students will experience writer's block at one time or another. Helping them work through this common experience with the use of physical activity may add success to the writing process for all students....
Author: John Helgeson
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