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Positive Contact: Redefining Parent Involvement

Ms. Jones had never had three college-educated adults visit her modest, one-room, government-subsidized apartment. Working two jobs, one at a hotel and the other as a waitress, going back to school, and being a single...
Author: Jaime Greene, Derek Voiles
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Parent-Teacher Communication, Student Engagement, and Math

Parent-Teacher Communication, Student Engagement, and Math

Parental involvement is critical to student engagement and achievement.

Accountability is a powerful motivator in business and in education. As a teacher who often is in contact with my students' parents, I have always believed that accountability encourages parents to become more...
Author: Greg M. Benson
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Mitigating Factors: Negative Neighborhoods and Student Learning

Mitigating Factors: Negative Neighborhoods and Student Learning

We can't give up on students who are struggling just to survive.

There probably isn't an educator alive who hasn't heard—or made—comments like these: Too bad his momma is in jail! He never had a chance. If she just wasn't from that neighborhood! Why does he hang...
Author: Ruby K. Payne
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Rethinking Field Trips

Field trips used to be a common and highly anticipated part of the middle grades experience: young adolescents, bleary eyed, climbing on the bus with iPods and handheld games. It wasn't so much where they were...
Author: AMLE
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Topics: Teaching
An Action Plan for Creating Effective Schools

An Action Plan for Creating Effective Schools

A basic plan of action can help education leaders ensure success for all students.

Today’s school leaders are challenged to ensure their schools are effective—providing a quality education for every student—but they must do that with fewer resources than in the past. They need an...
Author: Kenneth Cummings
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Topics: Leadership
The Nature of Middle Level

The Nature of Middle Level


Recently, I spotted this utility marker in the middle of the sidewalk in my neighborhood. The word “COMMUNICATION” was pressed in the center ages ago, and the marker itself has remained fixed in that spot...
Author: Dru Tomlin
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Habla con ellos—Talk to them: Latinas/os, achievement, and the middle grades

Moving bilingual children beyond subordinated categories toward full engagement in relevant and authentic learning that embraces their communities.

Our faculty in the Education Department at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte often spends time discussing issues we see within our middle grades program, including with our undergraduate teacher candidates...
Author: Spencer Salas, Jeanneine P. Jones, Theresa Perez, Paul G. Fitchett, & Scott Kissau
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Improving Collaboration

Improving Collaboration

Strong family-school collaboration can help all students succeed.

Decades of research confirms that positive parental involvement is critical for students’ success in school, and federal policy mandates effective programs at all school levels; however, parent involvement often...
Author: Darcy J. Hutchins
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Empathetic Consciousness

­­If there is one adolescent trait that I value and quite frankly bet on every time, it is that adolescents are among the most resilient creatures on earth. This resilience is catalytic in their growth, and in helping...
Author: Jeffrey Rothstein
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A School-Wide Read: Creating a Space to Grow

A School-Wide Read: Creating a Space to Grow

Woodrow Middle School* recently underwent a renovation project to its 75-year-old building—a renovation that closed the library for a year and reduced the library's collection to bare essentials. Spurred by the...
Author: Jennifer Wilson and Pamela Jewett
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