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Under a Microscope

Under a Microscope

An African American first-year teacher on perseverance and an unwavering focus on student success

The 2%. No, I am not referring to the milk. No, I am not referring to my phone battery. The 2% indicates the percentage of African American male educators in America. As most people are aware, African American males...
Author: Brian Bowman
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How Do You Spell Student Success? G-r-o-w-t-h

How Do You Spell Student Success? G-r-o-w-t-h

A teacher team shares ideas for tapping into student engagement to promote growth

In room E8, at Northside Middle School in Roanoke County, Virginia, we view student success as a significant growth over previous math achievement scores. What does significant growth entail, you might ask? We...
Author: Ruby Voss, Amber Benson
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Topics: Teaching
A Haiku Master and Dreams on Display

A Haiku Master and Dreams on Display

Enriching the curriculum and boosting middle school student engagement with the arts

We don’t need statistics to know that a curriculum lacking in arts is boring, but too often when budgets are cut, the fun parts of being in school for children are the first to be eliminated. The notion that...
Author: Leila Kubesch
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Cultivating a Culture of Belonging in Our School

Cultivating a Culture of Belonging in Our School

Focusing on opportunities for students and staff to shape a positive school environment

Oftentimes the terms culture and climate are bandied about as an inseparable pair in school settings. Rarely in my experience are they broken down into their respective domains to parse out their specific purpose and...
Author: Perry A. Finch. Ed.D.
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Project SUCCESS: The Way Forward in Middle School

Project SUCCESS: The Way Forward in Middle School

Streamlining the first year of middle school to smooth the transition

What if I told your school administrative team that there is a classroom intervention that does not require substantial increases in staffing, does not require extra funds from the school or district, but still...
Author: Peter Crable, Casey Siddons, Robby Dodd
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Creating a Mindful Classroom

Creating a Mindful Classroom

Four mindful practices to promote optimal learning in the middle school classroom

With all the talk about mindfulness and learning, are there simple mindful practices teachers can use to make students available for optimal learning? The answer seems to be promising as growing enthusiasm for...
Author: David Hughes
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Beginning with Growth Mindset in the Math Classroom

Beginning with Growth Mindset in the Math Classroom

Facilitating rich discourse to engage students and develop confidence

Through education, teachers influence change in their students' mindsets, which in turn can help students become successful individuals (Yeager & Dweck, 2012). We believe that the best teachers guide, motivate,...
Author: Lynnette Sanchez-Gonzalez, Megan Nickels
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Topics: STEMTeaching
The "Geography" of Your Classroom

The "Geography" of Your Classroom

Improve learning and show students you value them by rethinking the physical space of the classroom

I hail from room 604, where the sign on the door reads "resource room." However, I actually teach sixth grade English language arts class at full capacity in this room, which was designed for small group support...
Author: Maggie Perkins
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Getting to Know Our Students

Getting to Know Our Students

A successful school year starts—and continues—with knowing well the students we serve

One of the highest forms of respect around the world is to prove to someone that we really know them, and that we see them as worth knowing. We can connect with the grumpiest of individuals when we prove such things,...
Author: Rick Wormeli
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The Ups and Downs

The Ups and Downs

When my husband and I were dating, and we had all the time in the world, back when we strolled through bookstores, we stumbled upon a book called The Book of Questions. We bought it, placed it in the glovebox of my...
Author: Amber Chandler
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Topics: Milestones
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