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Diversity and Social Equity

I Am Not a Role Model—I'm So Much More

I am not a role model. In today's classroom, I am much, much more than that. I'm only 23 years old, but when I stepped into my first classroom to observe, I suddenly became 32. Why? The answer is really quite simple....
Author: Adam Reeves
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Student Voice

A secret ingredient in improving student engagement and building a community of learners

Those of us in middle level education know the basics of adolescent psychology. Teens are naturally rebellious. Their state of mind isn’t in a "state" at all; they are out-of-sync, their bodies out of control....
Author: Elyse S. Scott
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Polishing Our Sea Glass

Polishing Our Sea Glass

Every student in middle school is precious—some simply need some polishing.

When I was a young adolescent, my parents took me and my two sisters, Sally and Betsy, to the shores of Lake Erie. While certainly not a breathtaking ocean with crystal clear waters, Lake Erie was beautiful...
Author: Tom Burton
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It's All in How You Ask the Question

It's All in How You Ask the Question

Helping students develop investigable questions

Children like to explore, wander, and discover new things. This natural curiosity drives their active participation in the process of learning and discovery. Their curiosity sparks questions about unfamiliar...
Author: Krystabelle D. Rodriguez
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Be Irresistible

So if teaching in middle school is not about popularity, what is it that makes students what I call “pickers and choosers”? They go into one room and are well-behaved and on target; in other rooms a whole...
Author: Elyse S Scott
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Get Your Students Moving

Get Your Students Moving

Incorporating movement in the classroom keeps students and their brains engaged in learning.

As a 20-year veteran middle school teacher, I learned very early in my career that if you don’t physically move middle school students sometime during your lesson or class time, they will move you in ways you...
Author: Kim Campbell
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Middle Level Journeys - Episode 2

Middle Level Journeys - Episode 2

AMLE Podcast Series

Listen as AMLE talks with Melinda, a third year principal, about the hopes she has for her school, her students, and herself as the school year begins. Continue to follow Melinda’s journey as we keep the...
Author: AMLE
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Easy 10-Minute Review Strategies

When using a direct teaching strategy, it is important to keep students engaged and check for understanding of the ideas and concepts presented. Eric Jensen, a leader in brain-based learning, claims that it is...
Author: Jill Spencer
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New Teacher Induction

Research Summary

Teacher quality is an important school-level factor in student achievement (Rivkin, Hanushek, & Kain, 2005) and the focus of ongoing effort by policy makers and practitioners to ensure that all students have...
Author: Kathryn L. Martin
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Helping Student Teachers Face Their Fears

Helping Student Teachers Face Their Fears

Agreeing to have a student teacher in your classroom is an important decision. It's one more time commitment on top of a schedule that probably is already overflowing with things to do. But consider how unnerving it...
Author: Diana Brannon
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