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Diversity and Social Equity

It's Different Now

It's Different Now

Four experiences for educators to consider about today's young adolescents

It's not our imagination, kids really are different. Today's youth face four constructs that adults either did not experience at all or did not experience in the same way as youth today. Athletics As a parent of...
Author: Jen Cort
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Tags: Sports
It's More Than Books

It's More Than Books

Making connections with sports in the middle school classroom

When I taught middle school language arts, one of my students, Matthew, would complain that he was not able to give an explanation about or summarize the poems we were reading in class. However, every Monday he would...
Author: Pamela H. Segal, Montana K. McCormick
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Topics: Teaching
Working Up a (Brain) Sweat

Working Up a (Brain) Sweat

Physical activity improves students' cognitive performance.

If a pill could improve your child's self-esteem, memory, attention span, standardized test scores, and ability to problem solve, would you rush to the store and buy it? If it did not need a prescription, was free,...

Middle Level Interscholastic Sports Programs

Research Summary

Introduction What is the proper role of middle level interscholastic sports competition? This continues to be a perplexing question for administrators and other stakeholders who are responsible for the health and...
Author: C. Kenneth McEwin, John Swaim
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