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Automation and Robotics in a 1:1 School District

Automation and Robotics in a 1:1 School District

Technology to enhance learning, hone teaching skills, and showcase student learning

My school district recently went 1:1, meaning each student receives their own district-issued Chromebook for use throughout the school year. As an Automation and Robotics teacher, I was interested to see how this...
Author: Ross Hartley
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Blended Learning

Moving Beyond Tech-Rich Classrooms

Imagine being tasked with teaching a class of restless adolescents, all of whom have different learning styles, strengths, interests, and needs. Or perhaps this daunting scenario is not so farfetched at all. A team...
Author: Kristi McGrath Schmidt
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That Was Then, This Is Now: Gifted in the Middle

That Was Then, This Is Now: Gifted in the Middle

Committing to the challenge of addressing the needs of gifted learners

That Was Then Middle schools and their guiding philosophies were created in reaction to junior and senior high schools' lack of attention to developmental and academic needs of young adolescents. This We Believe:...
Author: Susan Rakow
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Differentiation: Closing the Gap between Frustration and Success

Differentiation: Closing the Gap between Frustration and Success

Teaching and learning in diverse ways.

As middle school teachers, we are well aware of the many ways in which our student populations vary. From physical appearances and stages of development to prior experiences and ethnicities, students' compositions...
Author: Kelsey Eursery
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Differentiating Structure, Not Content

Differentiating Structure, Not Content

Changing the classroom structure can be as effective as differentiating content.

Konawaena Middle School was created as a school within a high school to meet the unique needs of the early adolescents. One of the outstanding features of this school is its commitment to the heterogeneous grouping of...
Author: Guy Gambone
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50% of the Class; 100% of the Learning

You are in the middle of a lesson and all the students are following along—except that one student who has lots of questions. The questions are good, engaging, and you can tell the student is making every effort...
Author: Ryan Fuderer
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Flipping the Social Studies Classroom

Flipping the Social Studies Classroom

More reasons you should consider flipping your classroom.

What's so great about flipped classrooms? Flipped teaching is a great way to create an active, vibrant classroom and enhance student learning. It requires students to complete lower levels of cognitive work outside...
Author: Melissa J. Dugan
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Letting Students Succeed at Their Own Speed

Letting Students Succeed at Their Own Speed

A self-paced unit helped students take control of their learning.

"Challenge every student." That was my goal for the quarter. As I peruse the results of students' latest math assessments, my goal again crosses my mind. The test scores are fine, but upon closer scrutiny, I can see...
Author: Diane Krueger
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Differentiating Instruction for ELLs

Differentiating Instruction for ELLs

The core tenets of differentiation should guide our education of ELLs.

His first name was Mauricio, and he was from Uruguay. As a class assignment, one of his teachers in his new school in the United States asked students to construct Venn diagrams about themselves, showing how the...
Author: David H. Vawter & Kelly M. Costner
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Encouraging Students to Embrace Academic Challenges

Encouraging Students to Embrace Academic Challenges

As I introduced a new geometry topic to my sixth grade class, one of my students immediately reacted to my mention of a new skill—classification of solid figures—by blurting out, “Again? We know...
Author: Sandra Vorensky
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