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That Was Then, This Is Now: Gifted in the Middle

That Was Then, This Is Now: Gifted in the Middle

Committing to the challenge of addressing the needs of gifted learners

That Was Then Middle schools and their guiding philosophies were created in reaction to junior and senior high schools' lack of attention to developmental and academic needs of young adolescents. This We Believe:...
Author: Susan Rakow
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Experiencing Challenges and Failures

Experiencing Challenges and Failures

Helping gifted and advanced learners during transitional periods.

Recognize These Students? Bryce stopped doing his homework in ninth grade. His backpack was a disaster, and he could never find the planner his homeroom teacher distributed in August. It was now mid-October. Earlier...
Author: Susan Rakow
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Working with Under-Resourced Gifted Students

Working with Under-Resourced Gifted Students

High-achieving students from poverty may present unique challenges.

I have no idea what to do with him! Right now, he’s failing, but I know he can do the work. He questions me at every turn. He won’t accept anything without proof! He won’t work if he doesn’t...
Author: Ruby K. Payne
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Developing the Internet-Savviness (IS) Scale: Investigating the Relationships Between Internet Use and Academically Talented Middle School Youth

This study investigated the development and validation of a 32-item scale that measures Internet-Savviness (IS). Relationships between this multidimensional construct and other primary variables of interest including...
Author: Roger W. Geyer
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Virtual Learning Environments for Advanced Readers

Why doesn't Kyle participate? Has Heather spoken a word in class this week? I know this is easy for Jake, but does he have to be the class clown all the time? These were questions I asked myself early in the school...
Author: Laura Corwon
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